A Month Of Being Intentional:: And Mimi came over…….

So today is kind of a special day.

For starters, it’s the first day of October and anyone who knows me well knows that I absolutely love October.  Love, love, love October. It’s my most favorite of months. I’ll probably write an ode to October soon here on the blog, just so you understand the depth of my love for this month. Until then, just trust me, I’m doing an October happy dance today.

Also, it’s the first day that I’m writing at my new, sorta, blog over here on WordPress. I’ll get to the why in a post  very soon. I’m  also  transferring all my old posts over from Sock MonkeyTales  to The Accidental Domestic.  I’m excited about the new site and new name; but it’s going to take me awhile to get it looking and functioning the way I want.  Let’s just say, The Accidental Domestic is “under construction” right now.

Lastly, and this is what today’s post is all about, I’m challenging myself to really be INTENTIONAL this month. By that I mean, being intentional in some specific areas in life:  my relationship with my kids and extended family, my relationship with the hubs, my relationship with God, my family’s health, being grateful for the small moments,  and in making my house a place of peace and rest. I’m brainstorming some more ideas; but those are the main ones.

Today’s post is about Mimi and the letter M and Muffins! That sounds a little wacky; but it was a great way to start off such a great month.  For the past couple of weeks,  I’ve been doing  “M” activities with Henry.  When I brainstormed all the M things we could add to our unit, Mimi (my mother-in-law) popped into my brain.  So, we  had Mimi over for Muffins and hot chocolate with Marshmallows, while I read If You Give A Moose A Muffin. While the muffins were baking, we made Moose paper bag puppets.




The morning seemed very preschooly and I was quite please with myself. I realized it wasn’t so hard to put the morning together and that maybe this preschool thing isn’t so scary after all. (I feel very inadequate in the whole crafty, preschool arena.)  Most importantly, I saw how much my kids loved spending some one on one time with their grandma. She lives 2 block away from us and we don’t do this kind of thing nearly enough. I know how blessed I am to have parents living so close. It’s great for babysitting; but what about these special activities that don’t really take that much time to do? I need to do it more.


Ahh…. Award winning photography, is it not? Believe it or not, this is the best we could get.

I am challenged to not let my life fill up with “busyness” this month. This was a good start. I’m also trying to forget that it’s 82 degrees outside right now and that I’m wearing shorts and a tank top. My perfect October is a cool, crisp  65 degrees at all times. Besides that, it’s been a great day.


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