A Month of Being Intentional:: Move Over Bleached White Flour.

I’ll just say it. I’ve been eating horribly.

It’s time for a change, my friends! It’s time for our whole family to change our eating habits. Seriously.

And no, I’m not doing this because it goes along with my theme of being intentional. This has been in the works for awhile.  A long while. Then, last month, I came across this really great blog.    http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/     I knew we needed to try this. The hubs was immediately for it. It was just a matter of waiting for the beginning of the next month and our next paycheck. (We are on a budget here.) I also needed to be able to have some serious shopping time. I needed to be able to read labels and think while I shopped. This is not something you get to do with two kids in tow.

Can I just say that after one, FOUR hour shopping trip to THREE different stores, my head hurt!!! I wanted to crawl into bed with a strong drink and never go shopping again! When you are used to shopping for the cheapest item, the sale item or perhaps your favorite brand, shopping by reading the label is time consuming and more expensive.

Honestly, it stressed me out.

I was going by a few rules as I embark on this new way of eating. I don’t have it down. I am just beginning to learn. I tried to cut myself some slack and tell myself it will get easier.

One, no processed food. I wasn’t 100% successful with this, but not bad for my first trip.

Two, no bleached white flour or sugar.

Third, if it had more than 5 ingredients or a list of ingredients I couldn’t read, back on the shelf. Again, not 100% successful; but pretty close to 100%.

We are taking on this Real Food Challenge for 10 days and I want to see if there is any difference in how I feel. I know it will be better for the kids and the hubs, too. And yes, I want to drop that pesky baby weight that just won’t leave.

So far, I’ve tried 3 recipes using my real, unprocessed ingredients. One was a complete victory, one was so-so (But I think I can improve on it.), and one was a big, fat fail. I will press on, though!

Here’s to happy healthy eating!


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