A Month of Being Intentional:: Day at the Beach

It’s October and it’s fall. We’ve made our Family Fall Bucket List: Drink apple cider. Jump in a pile of leaves. Bake a pumpkin pie from scratch (or maybe just eat one!). So,  it seemed kind of strange to be putting on our bathing suits and heading out to the beach. But here in ol’ California, October can be a pretty hot month. It was going to be in the 90’s so, we decided to head out for one last beach day. We’ve been enjoying the beach all summer. It was nice to get out there one more time before the weather does change. We’ll be back to the beach before next summer; but probably not in our shorts and flip flops.


IMG_5331 Sand in face. Then, Henry had to do it, of course.

Out of all the pictures we took from the beach this summer, these are actually some of my favorite. The biggest surprise is, though, that I took most of them. Most of the pictures I take end up showing people in mid blink or the side of their face. There were a few I was quite happy with.


They loved flying their kites.

IMG_5332 IMG_5333










Lily has gotten pretty good at flying her kite and wants to do it on her own.


Henry on the other hand wanted to, “Do it together.” When Andy tried to let him hold the kite on his own, he broke down in tears and knelt in the sand. He basically freaked out. I think he was afraid he would float away.


My favorite quote of the day, “I just like sitting here in the quiet, with my kite, with the whispering sounds of the wind.”


Probably my favorite picture of the day. She was so happy and content. I was happy just to watch her.


My second favorite.

I know that everyone says, “Savor these moments when they’re young. They just fly by.” And so, I do. Well, I try anyway. So I watch these 3 that I love so deeply. I was so thankful for the day. Seeing them play together, laughing and just being with one another.  Then I ruin it by thinking, “One day this will be gone and they’ll be grown with their own families.”

Depressing, right?

“Jen, muster up!” I say to myself. “Just enjoy the moment. Don’t think too far in the future.”

And I do. I will capture these moments. They will stand frozen in my memories and in my pictures.  There will be more to come. But, for now, I’ll just enjoy these.




I love the expression on her face. She is not letting her kite out of her site.


What a lovely October day.

What a lovely October day.


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