A Month Of Being Intentional:: Our 10 Day Real Food Challenge Update

Recently, the hubs and I finished our 10 Day Real Food Challenge.

I’ve been convicted for awhile about getting my family into healthier eating habits. I’ve been wanting to make a change that will be permanent. I wanted to make new habits.  After feeling blah and being tired of feeling blah, the hubs and I started having some serious conversations about what we were eating.

Then I stumbled upon this blog http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/. We did the 10 day challenge ( I knew I was not mentally prepared to do 100 days!) and began this journey of learning more about what we put in our mouths. The rules we followed were pretty simple and I need simple!

No processed foods.

Not to buy food where the label had more than 5 ingredients (or things you couldn’t pronounce.)

No sugar or bleached flour.

Veggies and fruit!

Basically, food in it’s most natural state.

We tried our best to follow this. I wouldn’t say we did it a hundred percent; but it was pretty darn close. We didn’t buy all organic like she does, because hey, I’m not rolling in the Benjamins. I did buy more organic than I ever have, though.

Here are some things I learned:

#1 Things made with whole wheat flour tastes different. Not bad, just different. I’m determined to get used to it.

#2 I didn’t think my kids would like whole wheat tortillas. They love them, though.

#3 I didn’t miss the sugar like I thought I would. I had a pepsi for the first time in 2 weeks today. It made my stomach hurt. I never thought I’d be okay with letting go of my sweet brown elixir. I’m sure I’ll have my favorite fountain drink at some point, but not for awhile.

#4 Reading labels is time consuming and a little overwhelming. So, I’m giving myself some grace on this learning curve. I won’t be perfect at this off the bat. I still have a lot to learn. I’m going to keep trying, though.

#5 This new way of eating kind of blew my grocery budget this month. That’s something I need to work on.

#6 I love sweetening things with honey.

#7 I did miss sourdough bread.

#8 I was not willing to give up my Hazelnut creamer for my morning coffee. Nope, not gonna do it.

#9 Andy and I went shopping together today. Doing it as a team is the way to go. I’m glad he’s totally on board.

#10 My pantry is much less crowded now that I don’t have as many boxed (processed) items in it.

Plans as we forge ahead:

#1 We had a few days break; but we didn’t completely fall back into our old patterns. I’m ready to get back to it.

#2 I still need to work on portion control. That’s what I’m going to work on personally.

#3 I want to offer my kids more veggies as snacks. I also want to have more veggies at dinner. We need more green on our plates.

#4 The whole family needs to drink more WATER!

#5 I’m on the lookout for more recipes. I’m also determined to get all our taste buds used to whole wheat flour instead of bleached white flour. I have white flour and will use it for a few holiday recipes that are coming up; but I’m determined to get used to the whole wheat.

#6 I’m not trying to be crazy health food lady who never lets her kids eat candy or turns down my mother’s homemade tortillas. Homemade tortillas= heavenly bliss. And, I think my body is like %7 sourdough bread. So, if I never eat it again, I will literally start to die. My point is to make healthy eating our lifestyle with room for those indulgences now and then.

On that note, I’m going to have a piece of cheesecake………… just kidding.



4 thoughts on “A Month Of Being Intentional:: Our 10 Day Real Food Challenge Update

  1. This is how I am supposed to eat. When I did it before my disease stopped trying to kill me so my doctor is ordering me to do it again since everything is out of control at the moment.
    Its hard but it does change how your body reacts to things.


    • I kind of got out of the habit after our 10 day challenge; but the last time we went shopping, we tried to follow our good eating rules. So, I have better food around the house and am trying not to have the processed stuff around to even eat. I’m ready to really focus again. I’m hoping it will be a habit!! I know it’s hard; but I know you feel so much better when you eat how your body needs you to eat. I’ll pray you can stick to your good eating habits:)


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