A Month Of Being Intentional:: I want to be a God Girl.

I love You Tube videos. I can get distracted and lost for quite some time watching videos. Did I just admit that?

I came across this one by Jamie Grace. I feel a little “old” for this type of music; but I absolutely loved it. (Okay, writing that just made me feel really old.)

I want Lily to be a God Girl. More than I want her to get married to the most wonderful man (though I do want that), more than I want her to have a family of her own one day with little blond babies running around, more than I want her to go to college and go on to do something she is passionate about; I want her to be sold out to God.

I want her to be a God Girl.

Even more than that……   I want to be a God Girl.

How can I tell her to fall in love with Jesus and put Him first in all things, if she doesn’t see it in me?

I love Jesus. I do. My heart swells and aches when I think of Him and all He has done for me, a sinner.

I don’t want to be a Sunday christian. I don’t want to sit in the pew and nod my head, murmuring  “Amen” at the appropriate times. I don’t want to sing songs of praise while my face looks like I’m in my dentist’s  waiting room. ( Sorry. I see that a lot.) I don’t want to say all the right things in my Sunday School circle but live my day to day in my own power, not applying His Word into my every day.  I want the fact that I have the greatest love I’ll ever know just shining out for all to see.

Lily just says the first thing that comes to her mind. She doesn’t always filter or wonder how others will react when she says what she is thinking. She’s a little girl, not an adult whose learned to act appropriately and measure their words before they speak.

When it comes to God, though, I want to be like a child with my faith and how I express my love for Him. I want to be a God Girl!

I’m not perfect, nor have I reached any point where I think I can tell others, “Look at me. I have it all figured out.” Far from it. Some days I feel like a hot mess.

I’m just working on me and my walk with God. I’m sharing it with others because it’s my way of expressing my love for Him.


Help me to have a genuine relationship with you.  I want my kids and husband to see it. While I know I cannot have a relationship for them, I know the best way for me to teach it to them is to model it, to talk about it, to walk it.  I know it’s my wonderful privilege to raise these kids in a way that will please you. I also know you want more than anything to be my everything. Lord, help me be a God Girl.


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