It’s The Little Things

IMG_1486 thingsthatcountmostIt’s been a quiet sort of day around here.

We home schooled and made a lot of messes. I had fun counting with H and playing addition bingo with Lil. I did a lot of dishes. There was some Christmas music dancing. Oh, and the broken lamp with many little pieces of glass!

There was a major tantrum with lots of tears and an early nap time. There was the husband that came home from work earlier than expected. (Woo Hoo!)

There was the new chocolate cupcake recipe and more dishes. There was the good intentions of doing laundry and getting none done. Zip. Nada.

Maybe it doesn’t seem quiet for you; but this is pretty calm for me. Not much really happened. I did not get ahead  on my to-do list at all! Looking back, though, it was a perfect kind of day. Messes, tantrums, broken glass and all.

I was scrolling through pictures today and found the one up above. What a special day that was. The first time we all got to be together as a family. Henry was 3 weeks old and met his big sister for the first time.

Just touching each other, such a small thing, was so monumental. Isn’t it the little things throughout our days and weeks that add up to the big, important memories of our lives?

I think so.


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