What We Are Reading This Month:: November

Since November is almost over, this post should be titled “What We READ Around Here”. Oh well. Family, holidays, school, laundry, cooking, sleeping, yada, yada, yada, yada……. We did do a lot of great reading around here this month.

We read a lot of fun Thanksgiving, being thankful type picture books with both kids this month. The few below are what Lily and I read for our History time.

The First Thanksgiving by  Linda Hayward

first thanksgiving

This is a Step 2 Book in the Step into Reading series. Lily could have read most of  this book with me; but I just read it to her. It was a short chapter book and really kept her attention. We used this as part of our History Lessons this month.


Squanto and the First Thanksgiving by Joyce K. Kessel 

squantoThis was a great short chapter book as well.  We really enjoyed learning about Squanto and it was very age appropriate for my First Grader.



Thanksgiving on Plymouth Plantation by Diane Stanley 

thanksgiving on PlymouthThis is a fun book about two kids who go back in time with their Grandma and visit the Pilgrims during the first Thanksgiving. It was entertaining and we learned a lot!


Handsigns by Kathleen Fain 

handsignsIn the last 2 years, Lily has shown an interest in Sign Language. So when I saw this book at the library, I knew it would be right up her alley. It taught the sign for each letter of the alphabet and used an animal with same beginning letter as the illustration. I learned two new animals that I have never heard of before. They have a very informative index in the back of the book, which I needed.  The illustrations  were colorful and captivating. Definitely two thumbs up for this picture book.

Mr. Putter and Tabby books

mr_putterWe have been working through this wonderful series of books as part of Lily’s reading time for school. She loves these characters and these books.



On to the books I’ve been reading!

The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst

best yesOh. My. Word.  Please, please read this book, ladies. I am always torn by wanting to do so much and learning to say no when I need to. This book was just what I needed to read because I really do want to give God and my family the best of me. Which means I cannot and should not try to do everything. Struggle with that too? Read this book!!!


The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom 

the-kitchen-houseThis was my book club book for this month. It is a well written novel that draws you in from the very first page. It follows the life of two characters, Belle, a black servant, and Lavinia, an indentured white servant. It takes place pre- civil war and paints a very real picture of life as a slave in our country during this time in history.


Mornings and Evenings by Spurgeon

spurgeonWow! This devotional is beautiful and deep. Such great wisdom in just one page devotionals.



One thought on “What We Are Reading This Month:: November

  1. Jamie says:

    You are challenging me to read more! I really need to just sit and read instead of watching tv. I love reading! I need to look for “The Best Yes” too.


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