Traditions:: Do You Have Them?

I must admit. I love traditions.

My friend Rosalia over at The Romantic Homeschooler wrote a beautiful blog post about traditions. (Go check her out. She has some really creative crafts, recipes, awesome tutorials and much more on her blog.)

It inspired me to write my own post about traditions, why I love them and why I think they are important. It even inspired me to write  a mini-blog series. More on that at the end of this post.

It all started when I got married, really. While I have some great Christmas memories with my family (Like the year I got my stone washed jean jacket!!), we never really had any traditions that I remembered doing.  So, the first year I was married, I was introduced to a family that was big on traditions. And I loved it.

They watched the same movies each year during the holidays, drank Tom and Jerry’s in the special Tom and Jerry’s cups  every Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, always had waffles and sausage on tree trimming day and the list goes on.  I was excited to adopt some of these same traditions and then start new ones as we became a new, little family.

As our family of two grew into three and then four, we’ve added some new traditions that are fun for the kids as well.

A couple of years ago, I went a little overboard with all the fall and Christmas “stuff” I was trying to do. I was “doing” so many things to make the holidays feel like the holidays that I was kinda missing out on the holidays. I’m scaling back and learning balance. I’m okay with letting certain things that we do each year go undone this year. At the same time I know as our family grows, we will outgrow some of our traditions and adopt some new ones.

So why start (or carry on) traditions at all? Is it all just busyness and unnecessary?

It can be, if you let it. And if you browse on Pinterest too much!!!

For me, I want to create memories for my family. I want my kids to get excited about the holidays and the things we do together as a family. The key for me is  TOGETHER as a FAMILY. Sometimes, our family means just us four. Sometimes, it reaches out to grandparents, aunts and cousins. Then we have those traditions that include our close friends. They are all special and we build bonds with each other through doing them.

This year, I was challenged by a talk a friend gave to other mamas, to let our traditions and our Christmas season activities point to Christ, not overshadow Him or take our attention away from Him. Wow, convicting! This has been forefront in my mind as I plan things and interact with my family this Christmas.

How about you? Do you love traditions? Or can you leave them? Do you have any special traditions that are special to you?

This is actually something new we tried this year. We wrote what we were thankful for on a pumpkin throughout the month of November. We may not do this next year; but it sure was fun.

This is actually something new we tried this year. We wrote what we were thankful for on a pumpkin throughout the month of November. We may not do this next year; but it sure was fun.

I’m writing a mini-blog series called My Ten Christmas Favorites. I’ll be posting some of my favorite Christmas things over the next few weeks as we get closer and closer to Christmas. To kick off the blog series, I will write about my Ten Favorite Christmas Traditions, of course!


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