A Fun and Easy Santa Craft:: A Guest Post

If you have little ones like me and happen to home school (or not), you know that the kiddos love crafts, especially at Christmas time. Remember making Christmas crafts when you were in school? I still have some of the ornaments I made in elementary school hanging on my Christmas tree.

Crafts can get messy, though. I have a fun and easy craft for you today.

I am so happy to have my blogger friend (and friend in real life), Rosalia, from The Romantic Homeschooler here on the blog today to share a very cute, fun and easy Santa craft. Please check out her blog. She shares yummy recipes, fun sewing and crafting tutorials and much more.

Hi! This is Rosalia from The Romantic Homeschooler! I am so happy to be here at The Accidental Domestic. In honor of my friend and her love of traditions, I would like to share a kid craft that we make every year. It is a simple Santa head we make out of cheap paper plates that you can buy anywhere.

So here is a list of supplies you will need per child:

1 paper plate

1 red construction paper

1 white construction paper

1 glue stick

1 bag of cotton balls (to share of course)

1 black marker

1 scissor

1 of each color; red, blue, peach (for skin color) and pink

I did make a template for the hat and beard for you to use as a pattern if you would like to print it. Just in case it makes your life easier, mom.

So here are your pattern pieces. The top is obviously for the hat, so you will trace it on the red construction paper for the hat.

The bottom is the beard, so you will trace that on the white construction paper.

Then cut out the shapes and you are ready to begin!

We begin by drawing smiley eyes and nose with the black marker for Santa’s face. Either your child can draw this or you can, mom. In my case, my kids wanted me to do it. You can draw a round nose to look more like a cherry nose if you like.

It is fun to watch them get creative with their Santa faces.

Then color in your faces to give them some life.

Adding special details.

That is one happy Santa!

Once the face is drawn you can use the glue stick to add the beard and hat.

Now it is time to glue on the cotton!!!!

Sometimes, they glue one piece at a time and that is okay.

The Santas are really starting to take shape!!!

Looking good!

Now everybody has their own unique Santa.

Another fun Christmas craft under the belt!

Yes, this is what a normal shot usually looks like.

I love my little hams!

Thanks for letting me share one of our families traditions.


Santa beard template download

Santa hat template download


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