The Wonky Weekend:: The Big Apple, Bad Colds and Boomer

It’s been a little quiet around here. The day after Christmas, everything got a little WONKY and honestly, I have not been able to get back into a routine.  Blogging has taken a back seat. Family always comes first. Sometimes putting something you love to do aside, for a time, is what is necessary to keep you and your family happy and healthy.

The two and half weeks since Christmas day were not what I expected them to be. Why?? Well, let me back up a bit.

If you are new to my blog, you may not know that The Hubs is a police officer. I haven’t blogged much about that part of our lives; but I did mention it in this post here. Christmas day he found out he had an opportunity, for work, to go to New York.

Unexpected? Yes.

Part of my  holiday plans? No.

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and one he couldn’t miss out on. The catch was, he had to leave the next day. As in less than 24 hours. We had a little problem, though. After much searching, I had found a dog that both of us liked. In the previous post I mentioned above, this summer we had to put down our 12 year old dog, Jackson. It had been very hard and we had really missed having a dog.

Well, I had filled out the application for Boomer (Is that the best name for a dog or what???). The shelter then called me the very next day and we had chosen Saturday, as in two days after Christmas, to pick up the puppy.

We were going to spend time with Boomer, see what his temperment was and how he was with the kids, and then decide if we wanted to take him. I didn’t want to make such a big decision without The Hubs; but I didn’t want to miss out on the chance to adopt this puppy, either.

So, the day after Christmas The Hubs hopped on a plane to New York. The day after that our very close friends and their kids traveled with me and my kids half an hour away to pick up Boomer. The deal was, we could foster Boomer for a week and then decide to keep him or bring him back.

Two days after Christmas Lil, Little H and I brought home this little black fur ball.


We are in love with Boomer’s black furry face, his bat ears and his two front paws that look like fancy gloves.


My Little LuLu fell in love at first sight.


As you can see, Little H was not as equally enamored with Boomer. He wanted us to “Give Boomer back.”


IMG_6056The next week was kind of a blur. I started coming down with “the cold” that everyone is getting around here. The Hubs, after being home for 2 days, had to work 6 nights in a row! And I had, what felt like, a wild animal running around my house, biting everything!!

I cried out in frustration, “What was I thinking?! I don’t have time for a puppy!”

Training a puppy is No Joke. It’s hard work. H is kind of like a puppy himself. It was like I had two naughty toddlers or two rambuctious puppies. Take your pick.  Henry hadn’t warmed up to Boomer yet and spent most of his time on the couch where the puppy couldn’t “get him”.

The day before I had to make my decision on whether to keep Boomer or not, I was undecided. Lily would be heartbroken; but I didn’t want to go insane.

The next day, we drove down to the pet adoption event so Boomer could get his next shot. There were about a million puppies there waiting to be adopted. It was puppy heaven! As I wrote a check for Boomer and bought him some more chew toys, I knew this was our puppy.  Hard work and all.

This last week, he seemed to realize this was his home. He calmed down quite a bit and I always have a chew toy handy.  Despite the fact that this very morning he tore a hole in my favorite t-shirt, while I was wearing it, I am pretty smitten with Boomer.

The puppy front was calming down a bit; but I was not getting any better from this head cold. Maybe my body was holding off until I could handle a complete breakdown. Or maybe I knew that I couldn’t really let myself be sick until The Hubs was home for the weekend.

On his first day home from his work week, I fell apart. I couldn’t speak a full sentence without being thrown into a violent coughing fit. For the better part of two days I was in bed. I got better just enough in time for him to go back to work.

Everything got thrown off. Our home school schedule was thrown off. Everything was just wonky! My house was a disaster. Blogging got put on the back burner. I had no energy to write, let alone put two thoughts together.

I had 3 priorites: #1 Begin to train this dog. (So I didn’t have a wild animal living with us!)

#2 Keep my children fed and clothed. School would have to wait.

#3 Get better! So, I could get life back on track.

Things aren’t quite back to normal yet; but it’s better. Then again, when are things ever really normal around here? What does that mean, anyway?

I’m hoping to get back into my writing groove here. I have some fun ideas for the blog in 2015.

I’m not sure when the 5:00 am  trips to the yard for Boomer to go to the bathroom will end (I hope soon.). I’m sure there will be more treasured items chewed and destroyed. Home schooling with a 3 year old will still be fun; yet frustrating. My Lulu will still say silly and  hilarious things. I will still be married to a cop with wonky working hours. None of that “crazy” will change. I’m just going to blog about it:)

My souvenir from New York. Andy and his partner walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.

My souvenir from New York. Andy and his partner walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.



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