The Great Decluttering of 2015

I am so excited! I’m finally ready to share my New Year’s resolution. Drum roll, please………

The word for 2015 is DECLUTTER.



I have been itching to get started on this not so little project. God had other plans for us this past month, though. January has been sort of a blur. (Actually, it started the day after Christmas.) You can read about the Wonky Weekend that started the whole crazy month here.

Between last minute trips, colds that never seemed to end, a new puppy, church activities, work party, birthday party, and a trip to the ER (not to mention work and school), I found myself in the middle of a big, fat mess. My house looked like it had exploded. My brain felt like it was on overload.


The Hubs and I had already decided that our house needed some major decluttering. I was feeling very unorganized and part of the problem was I was trying to organize clutter. That just never works.

Every time I tried to get started on My New Year’s Resolution, something big came along and sideswiped me. Something more urgent took precedence. Meanwhile, my house snowballed and I found myself looking around, on the verge of tears, not knowing where to start.

This past week, things have finally slowed down. I’ve managed to bring my house from the “natural disaster” status to looking like I actually care . Thanks  to my husband and a couple of good nights of sleep, I feel like I’m ready to tackle this huge goal we’ve set for ourselves:                                          DECLUTTER AND SIMPLIFY OUR WHOLE HOUSE

So, how do The Hubs and I plan on accomplishing this goal? We aren’t going into this thing willy- nilly. We have a plan.

#1 We are working as a team and we’ve agreed to be ruthless. I’m fighting all my hoarder tendencies here.

#2 I’m determined to get to bed by 11 p.m. each night. This mama has depleted her sleep bank and it’s time to refill it. More sleep=more energy.

#3 We are tackling one room at a time. I’m really trying to not get side-tracked by another project until I’ve finished the one I’ve started.

#4 We are making weekly runs to the good will or wherever our “stuff” will find a better home.

#5 We are making weekly goals and keeping them realistic. The Hubs has a demanding job and I have, well…….. kids to take care of all day. So, I’m going to take my ideal goals for the week and if I finish a third of them, I’m going to give myself a big whopping pat on the back and eat some chocolate!

Are you ready to go on this journey with me?

I’m hoping that by posting this adventure on my blog, it will keep accountable and motivated. Also, it will just be more fun! And don’t you want to see messy pictures of someone else’s house? That always makes me feel better about mine.

Since this week is just about done, my goal is small. (I actually started on this last night.)

Week #1 Goal:     Declutter the Master Bedroom (except for the clothes in my closet)

I’ll have 4 bags I sort things into: Goodwill, TrashPut Away in Another Room, Better Home

If I have an item, say a piece of clothing, that is in good shape; but I’m not going to wear it (or it doesn’t fit me it anymore-thanks  two c-sections!) I can donate it to the Good Will/Redwood Gospel Mission or give it to someone I know would look cute in it.

I’ll be checking in at the beginning of next week and posting about my progress.

Happy Decluttering!




3 thoughts on “The Great Decluttering of 2015

  1. LOVE this! Since we sold the house in KS, that has been my goal too! We have done some major purging and it feels glorious!!!!!! As I unpack, I have continued to purge and work on organization – – yes – lets encourage one another!!!! Yay for no clutter!


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