And Then She Turned 7

The other day I wrote about something my sweet Lily did and I wrote, “My seven year old……..”. I was taken aback for a moment. Wait, when did this happen?

What? She’s not six anymore?

Yes, we had the party and my house was filled with a dozen happy, hopping girls (and two boys). I made birthday pancakes and stacked them on her special birthday plate. We opened the presents and had our celebratory family dinner at Applebee’s. Yet somehow, the fact that she had actually turned a year older had escaped me.

According to Lil, she’s almost 8.

This was the other day.

“Mom, when did I turn 7?”

“A few days ago.”

“Yes! I’m close to 8 now!”

Whoa, Nellie! Slow down! You are moving too fast for this mama. I’m still going through the tubs of baby clothes in the garage and crying over the outfits you’ll never wear again.


Yes, I’m that mom that dreads each birthday because all I can think of is that it is one year closer to when they leave me, FOREVER. It’s just a tad dramatic, I know.

As I think of my sweet girl, I sincerely get all mushy inside. She has the sweetest, gentlest heart. There is not a mean bone in this girl’s body. She makes friends with everyone she meets, yet gets super shy when she enters a room.


Thoughtful. Creative. Always creating things.

She marches to the beat of her own drum. Always has. She’s unique and little quirky. I really like that about her.

And I just like her. I like being around her. She makes me laugh. She’s fun and says the most awesome, hilarious things. She’s got a very big vocabulary and she’s not afraid to use it!


Lily is silly. Oh, so very silly. She owns her wackiness.

Despite him being ornery at times, she loves her little brother fiercely and I love that.


She loves her baby dolls. You never see her without one. Very nurturing, she wants to have 10 kids and I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a whole brood one day.

She loves God and He’s given her a sensitive heart. She loves her friends. Even at this young age, I can tell she is a loyal friend.

She’s a Daddy’s girl, for sure. She’s his twin.


I describe Lily as being My Happy. She is one of my happy places. I just love being with her.


7 years ago, this little 5 pound 3 ounce peanut changed my life forever. She made me a mom. She made The Hubs and I parents. I just absolutely cannot even fathom life without her. Love you, Lily! With my whole heart.




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