4 Fun Books for Groundhog Day



download (1) Groundhog Stays Up Late  by Margery Cuyler

This groundhog doesn’t want to go to sleep at all! My first grader really enjoyed this one.




51YoM0vE4JLBrownie Groundhog and the February Fox  by Susan Blackaby

A certain little fox would love to make a meal out of Brownie Groundhog! How does Brownie get out of his predicament?



Groundhog-Day-Books-For-Kids-1Groundhog Day!  by Gail Gibbons

This was a great book that taught what Groundhog Day is all about and shared interesting Groundhog facts.



download (2)

 Grumpy Groundhog by Maureen Wright

I’m actually saving this one for Groundhog Day. I haven’t read this yet to the kiddos but I’m sure they’ll love it. I did. This grumpy groundhog refuses to get up on February 2nd!!






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