The Great 2015 Decluttering:: Week #1 Update

Well, I have my first DECLUTTER in 2015 update for you!

It seems that whenever I begin a big organizing or decorating project, it gets really messy before it all comes together. That’s how I feel right now; but I’ve made some serious headway this week.

My goal was to declutter our master bedroom (except for my closet) this past week. Another goal was to not get sidetracked by another room (Because they all so desperately need help!) until the bedroom was finished. I ran into a little problem because The Hubs sleeps during the day and works at night. One afternoon I found myself kidless. Little H was napping and Lulu was with her grandma. The Hubs was sleeping and it was a perfect opportunity to forge ahead in my quest for uncluttered greatness. But,  The Hubs was sleeping in the bedroom,  so working in there was out of the question.

I happily turned my attention to another room I had been itching to get my fingers on. Though I was breaking my rule, I could not waste a perfectly good afternoon of decluttering. So, it was off to Lulu’s room.

Sweet merciful Heaven her room was Out Of Control! Going into her room was just excruciating for me. How had she become so messy??? In my 7 year old’s defense, there was Christmas and her birthday less than a month later. There were many new things going into her room and absolutely nothing coming out. And my sweet little girl is a bit of a sentimental packrat. She keeps everything. If I don’t help her learn to let go, we’ll be watching her on Hoarders one day. I also painfully admitted that my habit of making piles had obviously rubbed off on her.

It was nice to get started without her there and toss things I knew she’d never miss. About halfway through the afternoon, she came home and joined me. We had bags to give away, throw away and consign.

So here’s the deets:

  • The Hubs and I decluttered about 75% of the bedroom. I did start to tackle my closet afterall. I went through most of my clothes and we filled up several bags.
  • We are still working on Lulu’s room. We made great progress.
  • We carted four bags off to Goodwill this week.


  • We threw out two bags of broken toys, trash, old artwork, clothes too stained or ripped for Goodwill or consigning.
  • I have three bags ready to go to a good home.
  • I have five bags of clothes and toys to consign in the spring.


As a bonus:

  • I was having a very bad day the other day. In my frustration over everything, I took it out on my kitchen cupboards overflowing with dishes. I decluttered those in an angry flourish. I felt much better afterwards.

Week #2 Goals:

  • Finish decluttering Lulu’s room and come up with a better routine for when to clean her room and how to clean her room.
  • Make labels for some of the drawers in her room to make putting her toys away easier.
  • Declutter my jewelry.
  • Finish decluttering my closet.
  • Take a stab at Little H’s room if I have time.

I’ll be updating you on our progress next week. Later this week, I’m sharing how I’m giving 7 household things away every day in February. That’s right, people, EVERY DAY!!!

Happy Decluttering,




4 thoughts on “The Great 2015 Decluttering:: Week #1 Update

  1. Sarah says:

    You go girl! So proud of you for tackling a few rooms and getting rid of so much clutter. You will simplify you life and have so much time for other things.


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