The Great Decluttering of 2015: Weeks #2 & #3


I had 36 pairs of socks here. 36!!!! Plus, I knew I had at least 5 more in the laundry. Who needs that many socks???



Things are moving a bit slow over here in the decluttering department; but they are moving along. I attribute this to the fact that we can’t seem to get well around here. Someone has been sick since December. Sadly, this is not an exaggeration.

I also got a little sidetracked by the fact that I had waited until 2 days before book club to start reading my book. For shame!!! I know!!! And I’m kind of in charge of book club. I desperately tried to finish the book and spent the better part of two days reading it.

Yup. I didn’t finish.

Here’s what I did finish these past two weeks:

  • I’ve decluttered everyone’s clothing! Woo Hoo! I have one more bag (added to the bags I’ve already accumulated) of clothing that will go to a better home.
  • I’ve added another bag of clothes to my consignment pile. (Our big consignment fair is at the end of March, so I have to hold on to these items for awhile.)
  • I have another bag of toys/ books that will be consigned and another bag that will go to the Redwood Gospel Mission.
  • I’m still working on my room (haven’t done my jewelry yet); but I have decluttered the kid’s rooms.

I haven’t made the labels for the kid’s toy bins/drawers yet; but just having less stuff out has helped in making clean up time easier.

I was reflecting on why was I so frustrated with my kids keeping their rooms clean. I think there is more than one reason for this; but I was setting them up for disaster by letting them have too many things. There was not enough room to store everything they had.

I’ll be honest. It’s a little frustrating to be taking this big project on a little bit at a time. I just want to pack my family up for a week and send them off somewhere so I can just get this thing done.

This is not my life right now. So, I will do this one bite at a time.

Week #4 Goals:

  • Get those labels made and attached to the kids’ toy bins.
  • Help Lulu work on some better habits to pick up after herself and keep her room clean.
  • Work on some organizational things in H’s room. Now that I’ve decluttered; I see that he needs some better storage ideas in his room. Otherwise, we are just back to a mess.
  • Declutter my jewelry  and organize my vanity (which is in my bedroom).
  • I don’t know if this last goal will happen; but I’m going to try to have one whole afternoon (or morning) that is kid/husband free to get work done uninterrupted.

Until next time! Happy Decluttering!







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