What We’ve Been Up To

Besides being sick repeatedly, we’ve been doing some pretty fun stuff around here. It’s been a busy winter……

We have  a lot of birthdays in January. Lulu’s birthday and my mom’s birthday (these are just a couple) are about a week apart.



I love the early morning birthday picture right before she blows out the candle on her birthday pancakes.


I looked all over our favorite shop, Sunnyside Cottage, to find her the perfect little gift. Fairy Dust in a tiny bottle to wear around her neck. You never know when you need to fly!

It was my mom’s 73rd birthday. Doesn’t she look so good???


They love their Grandma Lillian.

This is my favorite picture, though. Isn't nose picking every three year old's boy favorite pastime??

This is my favorite picture, though. Isn’t nose picking every three year old boy’s favorite pastime??

Little H is really liking school. When I started homeschooling H was two and now he is creeping up on four. It is slowly getting easier and easier. He really loves to do “Boo Boo School”, which is what we call his school time. I can’t get over how big he looks putting his snowman puzzle together.


S was our letter that week.


Yup, he’s kinda obsessed with picking his nose these days!


Boy, he’s really going for it there!


I’m pretty sure we were having “words” here. “Stop. Picking. Your. Nose.”


He’s recognizing a lot of his letters.


We do a lot of clapping. He’s so happy to do school. I love it.

Someone dug a hole in the backyard and then it rained and rained all day. Then, someone played in the hole full of muddy water and was caked with mud. So, someone got their first bath. Oh. my. word. Boomer was so soft after his bath. I could not stop petting him!

IMG_0184 IMG_0186

Lulu found a baby salamander in our yard this past week and it quickly became her new pet. It lived in a take out container (with holes!) that she had filled with leaves, twigs and dirt.

She named  him Josh.IMG_6530

She had a blanket and pillow for him. She also made him a mini playground out of legos. (How cute is that?)

The Hubs and I knew he wouldn’t live long.

He didn’t. He died lastThursday.

She cried. Hard.

“Josh was the best salamander I ever had! I wish he were still alive.”

Her daddy helped her bury him next to my lemon tree and she made a cardboard headstone for him.

R.I.P. Josh the Salamander.

On a lighter note, we started ballet.


Looking forward to what adventures lie ahead as winter starts to wind down. Spring will be here before we know it!









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