What We Are Reading This Month:: February

Is February just zipping by or what??

If you read this post you know that we’ve been reading some really fantastic Valentine books at our house. While I didn’t read all those books to my kiddos, I read quite a few. We have been reading some other great books, too.

This is what I’m reading to Lulu:

ColumbusColumbus by Edgar Parin D’Aulaire and Ingrid D’Aulaire

These are books that I am reading to Lily for History this year. I have to do some explaining of the text at the end of each page; but it is very interesting to both of us and we are learning a lot. The illustrations are phenomenal.



LeifLeif the Lucky 

Written and illustrated by the same authors (see above), we read this one first.




  LittlLittleHouseBige House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Yup, Lulu and I are still working our way through this one and loving it.



This is what I’m reading:

Wonwonder_2147363bder by R.J. Palacio

This is my book club’s pick for February. This is definitely a fast read. I haven’t read too far into the book yet; but I am already hooked. The book is written from the perspective of a 5th grade boy who is born with a very disfiguring face deformity. Life and how other people see him is portrayed in this book through his 10 year old voice.  I’ve been warned to have my kleenex ready and I think I’m going to need it.


forgotten_garden The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

This was a possible pick for book club; but it was too long for our gang of gals. (We have kids and are a bit busy for books over 600 pages!) I requested it from the library anyway and though it will take me more than a month to read, it came highly recommended. I haven’t read enough of it to give a review; but I will when I’m finished reading. I’ve read the first chapter and was completely sucked into the story. Always a good sign when starting a new book.



What I’m Reading to Boo Boo:

A few moms and I have started a mini- Pre-K co-op. (Very small and low key.) I’m in charge of picking a picture book and leading some language arts activities to go with the letter we are learning about.

Kissing handThe Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

This was our first book for our first get together. The letter was H and the theme was hearts (and Hand is in the title.)



Thrainbow-fishe Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Next up our letter is O and our theme is ocean. So, I’ll be reading this classic real soon. It as Ocean animals and the theme is sharing. Hopefully Little H will sit still long enough to hear this one!


Happy Reading!



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