Friendship:: And Why I Rarely Ever Mop


Friends. They are kinda essential to life, aren’t they? The Hubs is my ultimate bff.  My sisters (now that I’m older) are my friends. I’m talking about girlfriends, though.

Some people need just a few; some people like to have a gaggle of them. The truth is, we all need them. Even if it’s just one.

I was with some of my girlfriends today. Our really little ones (the older ones were at school) were outside playing. We were sitting at my dining room table talking about, whatever we talk about. One eye on what we were looking at, the other eye on who was taking what toy from whom.

Somehow the conversation came up about sweeping and mopping. How we all had quit sweeping before company came over because…… what was the point? Nobody noticed your clean floor and as soon as a few people and small mob of children came through, no one could have told you swept in the first place.

And then there’s mopping……… Well, I’ve just sort of given up on that altogether.

Again, I would break my dear little back mopping (Okay, swiffering. Haven’t owned a mop in years.) before company came over. Because heaven forbid there was any trace that I had two children and a dog living with me! My floor would be clean for an hour max. (If I did it too soon my little tribe would just mess it up again.) After company left, you’d never be able to tell the floor had ever been mopped. I would be too exhausted from cleaning before company came over that the thought of mopping again was out of the question.

So when would I mop again? First thing the next morning?

Nope. The next time company came over.

As we sat around making these little confessions, a happiness came over me.

“Lord, thank you for giving me people that I can be ‘just me’ with.”

I picked up; but didn’t try to make my house “perfect” for people to come over today. With most of those girls, I’ve been to their houses when it’s looked magazine perfect and when it’s been a hot mess. And I don’t care or think bad of them. I believe they return the favor toward me.

When you are just yourself  and don’t put pressure on trying to be the best version of yourself (or what you think it should be) all the time, you can relax and focus on the people you are with. You can focus on things that really matter, building relationships. If you quit worrying about having everything “just so” or saying “just the right thing” and in return don’t expect that from other people, I think friendships develop that way.

I know sweeping and mopping aren’t really that big of a deal. It was just a little reminder to me, that God cares about what I need, even if it’s just a morning with the girls from time to time. And I have to be the kind of friends to other that I want as friends for myself. God was just reminding me “To keep it real. Be yourself. ”

And if you sweep and mop on a regular basis, I’m sure we can still be friends.



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