5 Things I Do Every Night Before I Go To Bed

Many moons ago I bought FlyLady’s book Sink Reflections and adopted her method of cleaning and organization. While I don’t really follow her methods anymore, her idea of having routines stuck. She had a routine for every part of her day.

I have two routines I try to follow, morning and night. Honestly, I don’t follow my morning routine as well as I should; but I follow my night (or Before Bed Routine) religiously.


Honestly, it helps my mornings go so much smoother. When I don’t follow the routine, I will regret it the next day. So here’s the 5 things I do every night before I go to bed.



1.) Go to bed with an empty sink. I wash the big dishes that I don’t run through the dishwasher. I load the dishwasher and set the timer to wash after I go to bed.

I’ve tried letting the dishes go and every once in a blue moon I do. (There are days when I’m sick or just exhausted.) I inevitably regret it when I wake up to sink full of dirty dishes the next morning. I like starting the morning with a clean slate. After bed time is pretty predictable in my house; but mornings are not. Too often, those dirty dishes from the night before don’t get done and they multiply through out the day. So, even if I’m bone tired, I drag myself into the kitchen and clean up before I go to bed. And sometimes, I can pass off the job to The Hubs.

2. Clean my counters and stove.

I basically make sure my kitchen is clean before bed time. It makes me happy to walk into my shiny kitchen in the morning and stumble to the coffee maker!

3. Make my coffee for the next morning.

Rinse the carafe  out, pour in new water, throw out old coffee grounds and add new ones. 4 easy steps. It takes me two minutes to do this each night. It would take me just two minutes to do it in the morning as well. But there is something about just coming into the kitchen and flipping the switch on that makes my morning seem simpler.

4. Pick up the living room and dining room.

Dog toys, blankets, books, whatever. It’s takes 5, maybe 10 minutes and my house looks so much better. There is nothing that puts me in a grumpier mood then waking up to a messy house. It makes me feel like I’m behind for the day before I’ve even begun. Now the rest of my house may be a disaster; but the first room I walk into in the morning is neat. It makes me feel peaceful, not stressed out.

5. Look at my Calendar and To – Do List for the next day.

I will be completely honest. While I do the other things on my list about 95% of the time, (because hey, nobody keeps up with it all 100% of the time), this 5th item has been harder for me. I was hit or miss about doing this. Lately, I’ve made a conscience effort to look at the next day’s tasks and try to prioritize them from most important to least. It has helped and I’m trying to make it a habit, like I’ve done with the other items.

Forming habits is what it is really all about. Doing it every day until you do it without thinking about it.

It’s 5 little things. Just a few minutes that make a huge difference.
















5 thoughts on “5 Things I Do Every Night Before I Go To Bed

  1. I like to wake up to a clean kitchen too! And when I’m doing really well with my routine and getting things done I will make lunch for the following day, just one less step…especially nice on those days I am out with the kiddos.


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