What We Are Reading This Month:: March

Spring is right around the corner; but it actually feels like spring has been here for a month already. Gotta love California! The day I’m writing this post has actually been very muggy. It has been for the past couple of days. Weird weather.

So here is what we’ve been reading (and will read) during this muggy March.

This is what I’m reading to Lulu:

Pocahontas Pocahontas by Ingrid and Edgar Parin d’ Aulaire

This is the third book we’ve read for our history time this year. The pictures are engaging and we are learning a lot. Lulu keeps saying, “So Pocahontas is a real person?!” Yes! She’s not just a Disney princess!




A abeka_1st_grade_reading_program_readers_nashville_27228625Beka Book First Grade Readers

This is not our reading cirriculum; but I was able to borrow them from our homeschool group’s (PSP) library. They are great extra practice for Lily and she really enjoys the short stories.


This is what I’m reading:

Serena bserenay Ron Rash

I haven’t read too far in the book yet; but Serena is one sassy chick! The book sounds like a good love gone bad type story. I’m already hooked. I think it will be a page turner.



forgotten_gardenThe Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

I checked this out last month from the library and I’m slowly reading it. I may have to renew it a few times before I finish it.



What I’m Reading to Little H:

This kids is all about ocean animals these days. We look at books about whales, sharks dolphins, crabs, squids, rays, you name it.   He really likes the books with photographs in them the best. I did find a few picture books that he enjoyed. Here’s one he came back to over and over again.

commotion ocean  Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae

H asked me to read this to him numerous times. That’s a winner in my book. If your child loves the ocean, they’ll enjoy this picture book.



Happy Reading!




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