The Great 2015 Decluttering:: Update #3

I’m back with another Decluttering update!

Two things: #1) Instead of keeping track of which week I’m on, I’m just going to keep track of which update it is. Keeping track of the weeks is too hard for my brain and I don’t do a declutter update every single week.

#2) I’m a full two months and half months into the new year and I’m still working on the same goal. I haven’t given up or fizzled out. In fact, I’m more determined than ever to declutter my house.

I’ll do a quick update on last time’s goals and then let you know what I’m super proud of accomplishing over the past few  weeks.  If you want to read the last decluttering post you can click here. Otherwise, here were last update’s goals:

  • Get those labels made and attached to the kids’ toy bins.
  • Help Lulu work on some better habits to pick up after herself and keep her room clean.
  • Work on some organizational things in H’s room. Now that I’ve decluttered; I see that he needs some better storage ideas in his room. Otherwise, we are just back to a mess.
  • Declutter my jewelry  and organize my vanity (which is in my bedroom).
  • I don’t know if this last goal will happen; but I’m going to try to have one whole afternoon (or morning) that is kid/husband free to get work done uninterrupted.

Here’s what I accomplished over the last few weeks: (with help from The Hubs)

  • I made most of the labels for my kid’s toys bins and have attached some. Still working on that.
  • I have not come up with a good routine for Lulu to clean her room. I need one. Any suggestions?!
  • I totally decluttered my vanity and all my jewelry. The top of my dresser is clean and uncluttered. It’s wonderful!
  • I didn’t have a afternoon to myself to declutter; but The Hubs and I worked for the better part of a day taking on the garage. The garage was not on the list; but we went for it. (More on the garage later.) Let’s just say that we conquered the beast that was our garage, in just about a day.

It’s so nice to see the top of my dresser!


The Hubs made this super cute vanity for me and I never used it. It was always covered with stuff! I only have one thing out, my whale fabric. This is a reminder to me to get going on a project for Little H.



Little H has really liked having the labels. It has helped with clean up.


I scoured the internet for labels. He doesn’t need words yet; so some of the labels I found were just pictures…….


….. some had words.


Lil doesn’t need as many labels; but I found some for her toys, too.


My Goals For The Upcoming Week:

  • Finish labeling my kid’s toy bins.
  • Finish decluttering my closet. (This is the last part to our bedroom and then our master bedroom in 100% decluttered.)
  • Label the craft and school supplies in the garage.
  • If I’m feeling ambitious, take on the area above my washer and dryer.

I’ve started labeling several of my bins in the garage. The Hubs did some. I labeled my “library” months ago. I still have some more labeling to do.

IMG_0300 IMG_0301IMG_0304


So, what am I super proud of decluttering this week??? The Garage.

Before I go on, all credit goes to The Hubs. He initiated it, got me going and kept me motivated. We double teamed it all day.

I used to walk into the garage and just feel sad. Our garage had become a dumping ground for everything we didn’t know what to do with. We have things people usually keep in a garage like tools, seasonal decorations, etc. I also have a pantry, all of my homeschooling “stuff”, craft supplies for the kids and old pictures we never unpacked from the old house.

Then, there are the bins. Bins and bins of baby clothes, waiting to be consigned.

I have this awesome laundry folding table that was constantly covered, sometimes half a foot deep, in STUFF. Stuff we didn’t know where to put or too lazy to put away. After Christmas, we could barely walk in there. It was depressing and seemed like such a huge undertaking to clean up.IMG_6645

There are a few spots that still need some decluttering; but I’m hear to say that our garage is now a happy place to be in. It’s a little dark and so better lighting would make it even nicer. I am still surprised each time I open the garage door. This happiness envelopes me and I get warm fuzzies inside.

This is the folding table cleared off. IMG_6653

As of today it has folded clothes on it, waiting to be put away. It’s being used what it was meant for. Hallelujah!

I still have a lot of clothes bins that won’t be consigned until next month. Once that is done, I’m hoping the garage will be complete. I’ll post some final “after” pictures.

Until next time, Happy Decluttering!




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