The Week I Let Little H Dress Me

So, two weeks ago, Little H dressed me. When I woke up that Monday morning, I had no idea what I would be doing that week. Then The Hubs challenged me. “You should let Henry dress you everyday this week.”

He had seen some post on facebook about a mom letting her 3 year old dress her and he thought I should do it.

Gauntlet thrown; challenge accepted. I did it for two reasons: The Hubs challenged me; and  honestly, I thought it would be fun. So, though it was meant as fun little experiment, I actually learned some unexpected lessons this week. But first………….

My Little H: The mastermind behind all the lovely pictures you see below.


Day #1

I didn’t choose  any of the clothes items this week except for the green shirt in this picture. It was St. Patty’s Day after all. I’m pretty much a jeans and t-shirt girl. My clothes seem to range from blue to gray. I have about 3 pieces of bright colored clothing.  As you’ll see, those are the pieces H picked of course!


Day #2

Do I really need to say anything about this outfit? It kind of says it all, doesn’t it? I bought that dress in Hawaii 3 years ago and have not worn it once until this day! I appreciate that Little H picked out some comfy shoes for me to wear. This is my Miss Frizzle outfit.



Day #3

Just call me The White Shadow. I  haven’t worn these white pants in a year, at least. This ensemble was a perfect going out outfit. My mom and I took Lily out for a movie and lunch that day. And yes, I spilled my Thai salad on the white pants while we were at Paneras. I think H really cares about my feet. He picked my comfy shoes again and those snazzy Christmas socks.

IMG_6760 IMG_6761








Day #4

I actually like this show and watch it so, I mean no disrespect here. I felt like one of the Duggards today.


Day #5

Ok, I was very tempted to stop my week short because today was Sunday. I was going to church and going to see a lot of people.  I was pleasantly surprised by H’s color coordination. The boy’s got skills. With absolutely no help from me, he pulled together this little get up.

I’m not sure why I chose to take this picture in front of the dog kennel……. weird. But the outfit is not half bad.

IMG_6781 IMG_6783

So besides just being silly and fun, I did learn a few things that week:

#1  People don’t care as much about how you look as you think they do. Most people barely batted an eye at Day #2’s outfit which I thought was the silliest. I care too much what other people think. I feel a little freedom coming on here.

#2 Being a parent can be hard and exhausting. Especially when you have a squirrely, stubborn, sweet little 3 year old.  Why not have some fun while having to do the hard parent stuff?

#3 I look good in white!! Ok, not really. I did realize when looking through my closet that most of my clothes were kinda blah. I didn’t think H would have anything to work with and this experiment would be a little lame. He managed to prove me wrong; but I realized I  needed to do a little shopping and maybe be a little more adventurous in my clothing choices.  A little more color maybe? A little Miss Frizzle isn’t  bad, right?


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