Makes Me Happy Monday:: Favorite Homemaking Blogs

Happy Monday, Everyone! I’m hoping to start a little series here called Makes Me Happy Monday. It will be a way to kind of unload those thoughts I have that don’t really fit into any post. Some of them will be just for fun, some will be more informational (and hopefully helpful) and some will be to encourage you in this journey of being a wife, mom, friend and daughter of The King.

One thing to know about me is that I’m kinda addicted to blogs. Just a little. I asked The Hubs to put parental controls on the computer for me so that I would stop staying up so late reading blogs when he was at work. It’s true.

I’m trying to pare down my blog consumption; but I definitely have some favorites. I’m not sharing all my favorite blogs today. That would be overload. I will share my 5 favorite Homemaking Blogs:

Money Saving Mom: She is a blogging dynamite! She does give a ton of tips on being frugal. She has inspiring posts from guest bloggers that encourage me to save my money and look for ways to be frugal. She shares recipes, scheduling ideas and so much more.

The Busy Budgeting Mama: I think this woman has more energy in her pinky than I do in my whole body; but she’s very inspiring. She has loads of ideas and I just think she is really cute.

Fun Cheap or Free Queen: This was the first money saving/ frugal blog I stumbled upon and I love all her ideas. She’s funny and very practical and I love the lay out of her blog.

Our Vintage Home Love: I just want to move into this house. Or have  an exact replica made for me. I love the ideas I get from browsing this blog even if I never do any of them!

An Inviting Home: I’d bookmarked this blog awhile ago and began keeping up with it. I forgot about it and haven’t read it for some time. I’ve revisited this blog and I’m loving it again. Why did I stop reading it?

What are some of your favorite homemaking blogs? Any I should start reading?



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