Our Mini Garden

Up until a few years ago, every plant I tried to nurture died. My dad would often tease me about my brown thumb. One year he bought me two beautiful Japanese Maple trees. They were young and hopeful; and I killed them. Technically, I starved them. I just never watered them.

3 years ago, when we moved into our house, I gave growing things another go. I was determined to grow things and then feed them to my family.

I finally had the space to grow vegetables and plant flowers. I also had the time to give to gardening. Guess what? I grew things! I ate those things I grew. I fed them to my family. My dad was impressed.

Because we live in California and it’s decided to just stop raining, my garden will be small this year. I’m getting a little late start this year as well. I have planted my seedlings in my mini greenhouse. Now we are waiting to watch them sprout. Meanwhile, I’m getting the ground ready outside.



We are planting pumpkins, greens beans and sunflowers. It’s super small this year; but water is expensive so that’s just the way it is.

I usually plant my pumpkin seeds straight into the ground and they’ve always done well. We h ave a 9 month old puppy this time around. He’s not digging like he used to; but I’m still not sure what he’ll do. So, I’m starting the pumpkins indoor this year.

Excited to see my mini garden grow this year!


My very first crop of pumpkins ever!




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