Boo Boo turns 4:: Aka Little H

IMG_0905This guy turned 4 ealier this week.  We’ve basically been partying for days. It’s been pretty fun.

Yes, time has flown by. Yup, in so many ways he’s getting to be a big kid.

We took the kids to see Inside Out yesterday. It was kind of the finale to our birthday week of celebration. He fell asleep before the end of the movie and was out like a light all the way to the car.

So, he’s  not so big afterall.

I love it that we’ve left behind some “baby” things for good; (Namely pull ups and diapers. Woo Hoo!) but I desperately want time to slow down.

When I think about all the things I love about my Little H, the list would be so very long. So instead, I’ll just share a few:

His belly laugh: He’s easily excitable and so he is laughing all the time. His deep gut busting laugh is one of my favorite sounds.

His Henryisms: Cupcakes are “Pupcakes”.  Brownies (until recently) were “Chocaronies”. “I’m sure…” precedes many of his sentences. “I’m sure I’m all done with my lunch. “I’m sure I need one more cookie.” Tomatoes are “Formadoes”. His favorite whale is the “Come Back Whale”. Otherwise known as the Humpback Whale.

When he sings “You Are My Sunshine” to me when I tuck him in at night.”

That this kid is sleeping through the night with no pull ups or diapers. Hallelujiah!! (Yes, I mentioned this twice. That’s how excited I am about this.)

Those eyes. Oh my word. They absolutely melt me. I just love my little man.

Henry, you started off just a tiny little peanut and you’ve grown up into a healthy and happy boy.  Yes, you are still on the little side; but you are a tiny, feisty  powerhouse. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for you. So proud to be your mama.

Happy Birthday, Boo Boo. I love you.

Your Mama


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