Family Camp, here we come!

We are gone this week at our church’s annual family camp. I seriously look forward to this week every summer. It’s one of the highlights of our family’s year.

We sleep in a cabin. We go to the river. We eat three meals a day in the lodge with other other families/friends. I don’t have to cook for four days. Four days, people!!!

We sit on porches and around campfires and talk. We play games in the lodge or horseshoes. Our kids run free and get dirty. My feet get really dirty. They are basically dirty all week:)

Our kids are like happy little forest sprites that we see glimpses of now and then because they are having so much fun with their friends. I relax.

We have a speaker that comes and teaches from God’s Word in the morning. So, I get spiritually refreshed as well.

When I get home I have a butt load of laundry to do; but it’s all worth it.


Our first year at Family Camp with Lulu. She was 6 months old.


We are actually staying in the same cabin this summer that we stayed in that summer 7 years ago!


This is last year at Family Camp. Lulu caught her first fish!


This must have been first thing in the morning because they look abnormally clean!



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