Makes Me Happy Monday:: Summertime Edition


We are neck deep in summer over here. Isn’t it wonderful? Our summer has been quite busy this year and we haven’t had any trouble finding things to fill our time. (I’m actually wanting some quiet slow days. I think those are coming soon. Even if it’s just a few.)

So, as I reflect on our summer so far, I’m thinking of the things we’ve done and are currently during that make me happy during the summer months.

At the top of my list is……….

#1  Family Camp: I talked about our church’s annual family camp here last week. Besides the whole packing and unpacking deal; the week was absolutely relaxing and fun. There were activities to do; but not too many activities. I got to visit with friends and I made some new ones. We spent our afternoons at the river. I didn’t cook one single meal!!! My friend, Christine, and I made it to the semi finals in corn hole. (Trust me, this is a really big deal!) The Hubs and I managed to steal some quiet time together. It was a pretty awesome week.

#2 Trips to the Beach: Normally at this point, we’ve made a couple of trips to the beach. We live 30 minutes away, so it’s an easy day trip. We’ve been gone too much this summer and I’m thinking we need to plan a trip ASAP. I think the beach might just be our family’s favorite thing to do. It doesn’t cost anything because we always bring our lunch with us.

#3 Local Museums: Our city opened up a children’s museum last year. I bought  an annual pass this summer. It pays for itself in just a few visits. Our children’s museum is amazing. My kids love it. There is plenty of parking. We have several other friends with passes so we have other people to go with if we want.

#4 Library: The library is my personal happy place. We are there just about every week as it is. This is the first summer we’ve participated in the summer reading program. We just earned our free book bags this week! The great thing about the library is that it’s free.

#5 No set schedule: During the school year it seemed that just about every day there was somewhere we “had to be”. While our summer has been busy with travel, Vacation Bible School,  camping,  and weddings (We’ve been to three so far!), there is no “have to’s”. I love that feeling.

What are your favorite activities to do with the fam during the summer months?



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