What We Are Reading This Month:: Summer Edition



I’m really excited to share some of the books we are reading this summer. At the young age my kids are right now, I feel like I’m reading to them all the time. I love it. I’ve also read some very interesting books for my book club the past couple of months and I want to share those with you.

I’ll start with Little H:

National Geogaphic Kids

He is in love with animals right now, especially ocean creatures. We check out ocean animal books from the library every single visit. His favorite of these National Geographics is the one with a shark on the cover

Anything Ocean

This kid is obsessed with ocean animals. I’m not using this word lightly either. Whales are at the top of his list, though. We have about 4 or 5 whale books from the library on our living room floor as I type.


Big Blue Whale by Nicola Davies

This informational book uses interesting illustrations. This was a good one for the four year old and the seven year old. I think I’ll be revisiting this one when we do an ocean unit later on in the school year.



 Humpback Whales by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

Little H just loves this one for the pictures.




On to Lulu:

devotionsfor girlsDevotions for Girls (Ages 6-9) by Legacy Press

I was looking for something to introduce a personal devotional to Lulu. These are short and age appropriate. We’ve just begun reading this and she really seems to enjoy it. There are quick little activities to do with each day’s reading.


  Lilighthouseseriesghthouse Family Series by Cynthia Rylant

We read The Whale recently. This has been a shared reading for Lulu and I. I’ll read a page and then she’ll read a page. There are at least three more books in the series that I know of. We have them in our “to read” stack right now. The characters our very engaging and the illustrations are wonderful. I love Cynthia Rylant as a children’s author. She is one of my favorites. I was so happy to discover these little treasures and Lulu was as well.

MrputtertabbyMr. Putter and Tabby by Cynthia Rylant

Again, we are reading one of my favorite children’s authors! Lulu fell in love with these last year during first grade. She’s been reading them over again on her own throughout the summer.


For Both My Kiddos:

stone soupStone Soup by Marcia Brown

I love this classic and it’s amazing how many different versions there are. I had never read any version of this to my kids, so when I came across it in the library I was happy to introduce it to my kids. Brown retold and illustrated it in 1947.


Now for me, Jen:

These are my book club picks-

still alice Still Alice by Lisa Genova

This is a story about a woman who, at only 50 years, begins to suffer from early onset Alzheimer’s. The story is told through her eyes. It shows her frustration, her fear and her fight to hold on to her memory for as long as she can. It also shows how it affects her three grown children, her husband and how they each handle this very difficult diagnosis. It was a powerful book that I highly recommend.



The Residence by Kate Andersen Brower

This was book was different than what we usually read for book club. I actually haven’t finished it yet and we’ve already moved on to another book. Oops! This  book doesn’t have a plot line that you have to follow, so I pick it up and read it when I have a few minutes to spare. It contains true accounts from employees who have worked at the White House. It spans as far back as the Kennedys! Most of the people who were interviewed for the book (ushers, florists, chefs, housekeepers, etc.) would not do so until they retired. They didn’ t want to divulge any information until they no longer worked for the Commander in Chief.  This book is very interesting. Get the inside look at what life for the first families was really like from the people who knew them best.


stationeleven Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

This is what I’m currently reading for book club. In this “futuristic” book, our planet has been almost completely wiped out by a flu epidemic. This post apocalytpic book is right up my alley. It also made me want to go out and buy a Costco size of hand sanitizer!



lakeThe Lake by AnnaLisa Grant

Ok, a moment of honesty here. This is totally a young adult, teenage love story. It’s not going to change my life in anyway; but it is an interesting read. If you need an easy read that’s just for fun, this is a good one.


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