Getting Ready……….


My little blue shelf that holds my school books and lot of items I use daily for homeschooling. I love, love, love this little shelf.

I’m doing what I planned on doing at the beginning of summer, clean out my school area and put things away for the summer.

So, instead, I’m cleaning out my little corner of school and then getting ready for the next year because school starts in…….wait for it….. just a few weeks. (Plus a few days more.)

I’m getting excited and feeling sad all at once. Summer has been fun.

I’ve enjoyed our lazy mornings and not having to get school done or run to another commitment. I loved that for one whole week our only commitment was to go to swim lessons and spend hours by the pool.

I miss the structure and routine, though. I also get excited (and I mean really excited, giddy almost) whenever a box of cirriculum shows up on my doorstep. I love cracking open new books and buying school supplies. The thought of all the fun and amazing things we’ll do and learn this year get me excited for school to start.

And so, one season of life must end for another to begin. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy our last days of summer.





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