Cirriculum Choices for 2015/2016 School Year:: Second Grade

We started school last week.

Lu Lu is starting 2nd Grade this year and Little H just turned 4. So, we are starting Preschool with him. I’m going to share her cirriculum first and then share H’s at a later date.


BIBLE: (Both kiddos are doing this.)

Awana.  We do Awana at our church doing the school year and that takes up some of our Bible time.

Bible Stories to Read. I found this little gem at a cirriculum sale this summer.  It’s published by Rod and Staff. I was looking for something I could do with Little H and Lu Lu. My plan is to read a story each week and have the kids color the corresponding picture. Then, we’ll do a fun craft to go with each story. Just something quick and simple.


Godly Character Study: I’m still working on this and it might be a work as we go kind of thing. I’ve found a few resources to help with this while I was scouring Pinterest the other day. (You can check out my Character Training board here.) Basically, I want to pick a character trait that we will focus on for the week (or month, haven’t decided yet). There are some character traits that the Hubs and I know our children need to work on ASAP.  So, we’ll be starting with those. I’ll share these as I go on the blog. Nothing is concrete yet.


Grapevine Bible Studies  Until Awana starts, we will be continuing in our Grapevine Bible Study that we were working on at the end of last school year.


All About Reading Levels 2 & 3: We had about 8 lessons left at the end of first grade, so I’ll use the first few weeks of school to finish those up and then we’ll jump into Level 3.

I also have a list of read alouds lined up for the year and a list of short chapter books for LuLu to read for independent reading.

This year, I’m going to have a book box for her to read from during her independent reading time. Some books will be picked by me and some by her. This is what I have in her box to start the year. She will get to choose a few books during this first couple of weeks of school to add.



Read and Understand Stories and Activities Grade 2

I used this very same book when I taught 2nd grade. I don’t know how much time I’ll have to do these; but they’ll be used to work on her comprehension


Horizons 2: We’ve been using this since Kindergarten and we are going to keep with it for another year. We are also using a math journal this year.


All About Spelling Level 2: We obviously love the All About Reading/Spelling program. I love it for many reasons; but one is that I can use the same letter tiles for both reading and spelling.

Handwriting Without Tears 2, KickStart Cursive and Typing: We’ll start off with printing and end the year with a little intro to cursive.



Rod and Staff 2: This is the first year that we are doing formal language/grammar lessons and the first time I’ve ever used this curriculum. I found it in my homeschool group’s library. Free is always good! (I noticed when I looked on-line that they had a test booklet. We are not using tests this year.)


Story of the World, Volume 1: Ancient Times:  I’m very excited to use this cirriculum. I wanted to start teaching Lily history from the very beginning of history. We are only doing history a couple times a week, so I’m sure we will be working slowly through this cirrculum. I love how it reads like a story and NOT A TEXTBOOK! I’m excited to do projects and hand on activities with this subject this year. I also purchased the Activity Book to go along with it.


Expedition Earth: I’m hoping Henry can join on this with us. He loves animals and this combines geography, learning about other countries and their wildlife. I’m planning on doing this once a week.

Ocean Unit:This is a Mama Made unit that I’m currently working on. I’m pulling from several different resources and I’m very excited about starting this in a couple of weeks. We will complete our ocean unit first and then begin Expedition Earth and continue with it  for the remainder of the year.


How to Teach Art to Children: I’m shooting for once a week with Art. This is a hard subject that I feel I’m always squeezing in (or not). I’m going to give it my best effort, though.


Co-Op classes

Lily is part of a big co-op that meets weekly. They offer a variety of classes. She’s taking two this year. I’m sure she’ll enjoy each of them.

Phew! Seems like a lot when I write it all down. Of course, it always seems like our best laid plans manage to take some unplanned turns. This is the goal and I’m excited to see all the things we will be learning this year.

Stay tuned for my Pre-K Cirriculum post. Coming soon.







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