Cirriculum Choices for 2015/2016 School Year:: Pre-K:: Pants Optional

Are you feeling like you are getting into the swing of school yet? We are entering week two around here. I shared Lily’s Second Grade Cirriculum last week and this week I thought I’d share Henry’s.

I am using the word “cirriculum” very loosely.  Hey, this kid spends half the morning wrapped in his blanket and may or may not be wearing pants. Ok, usually he’s just in his underwear. So, we homeschool “loosely” right now. He really loves “to do” school and I want to keep it that way.

Here are my main goals for Henry this year:

  • Learn his alphabet sounds and recognize the upper and lower case of each letter. If we try reading and he’s ready, great. If not, we’ll just wait.
  • We are learning our numbers and counting. He can count to 10 and recognize those numbers; but the 1:1 correspondence is what he needs to work on.
  • We will cover various concepts in math and basically I want to keep it fun and “hands on”.  He knows his colors and most of his shapes; but we’ll keep working on those concepts too.
  • While we are tracing letters, his little hands need more fine motor tuning before he’s ready to write. So, I’ll be searching for activities to help with that skill. When he’s ready, we’ll start with My First School Book.
  • As I mentioned in my previous post, both kids are doing Bible together. H  is really working on obedience and his attitude. So, character training will be a big part of his schooling this year.
  • Sitting still for short periods of time. Ha! I’m being serious here. You’d think I gave him straight coffee each morning the way this kid bounces around. Sitting, listening, being respectful of others. It’s baby steps at our house. You have to start somewhere, though.
  • Last but not least, I will read, read, read to H. And then read some more. (It’s my favorite part of homeschooling.)

*Note: May of the items in the picture above were purchased from the dollar bins at Target. What???? Yup. Some of the puzzles were $3; but everything else was $1. The Pout Pout  Fish workbook is dry erase and I found that at Costco for under $10. The Almost Ready to Read book can be found on Amazon and I purchased that a couple of years ago.

I’m so excited to see how Little H will grow and what he’ll learn this year. Pants optional:)



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