What I Love About Weddings

wedding rings

So, earlier this month, The Hubs and I celebrated 15 years of wedded bliss. Honestly, it’s been pretty great. Life has had it’s ups and downs, mountains and valleys, to be sure. He’s been my bright spot through it all.

Last month,  The Hubs’ baby sister got married. It was such a happy day and my sister-in-law and new brother-in-law make such a perfect pair. This wedding marked the end of a summer of weddings for  us. We’ve been to several and our families have been in two of the wedding parties.  It just got me thinking about why I enjoy going to weddings.

I really do love weddings.

Here’s why:

It’s the beginning of something great! Besides giving my life to Christ and becoming a Christian, marrying Andy is THE BEST thing I have ever done. He’s my absolute best friend and number one cheerleader. He encourages me; he sets me straight when I need it; he loves me even when I’m not being lovable; he takes care of me; he’s patient and kind; he makes me laugh and he’s the best dad. Marrying him was the start of the life I have now.

That’s what my sister and new brother are embarking on right now. And I’m so excited for them.

The dress. I love the wedding dress, the hair, the makeup, everything. It’s so sad that you only wear the dress once and then, that’s it. My sister in law and new brother had another reception a couple of weeks after their wedding. She got to wear her dress again. Lucky girl.

It’s funny how sometimes the dress finds you. I know two of the brides this summer told me how they went with one style in mind and then ending up picking a dress that was completely different from what they thought they wanted.

The way the bride glows. I remember walking down the aisle, just giddy.  I grinned from ear to ear. I swear my sister in law just glowed all day. I know that by the end of day, you are completely exhausted. That feeling of pure joy, though, is one I will never forget.

Watching the groom watch the bride. I’ve gotten into the habit of watching the groom watch his bride walk down the aisle. If the groom hasn’t seen the bride yet, the reaction is priceless. This summer, I went to a wedding where the groom had not seen his wife to be yet. They hadn’t taken pictures beforehand or seen each other at all. I’m telling you his reaction was the sweetest. His eyes filled with tears. He was overcome. It was pretty special.

The dancing!!  I love dancing at weddings so very much! You don’t have to be good. You can be silly. You can dance with your special someone or dance with a gaggle of girls while lip syncing to Whitney Houston. It’s all good. At my sister in law’s wedding I literally danced for hours.

The wedding is over and hopefully you get to go on a fantastic honeymoon. Then it’s back to real life with jobs and bills and all that good stuff. But here is the very best part. As wonderful as your perfect day was, you now get to start a life together. That’s the adventure; that’s what it’s all about.

Though the past 15 years haven’t always been easy and perfect. God picked the perfect man for me to experience those 15 years with. Boy, there have been so many wonderful moments and we aren’t done yet.



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