The 31 Days Writing Challenge Start Tomorrow:: Ready or Not!!

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Have you tried to do anything for 31 days straight? And succeeded? No, taking a shower and feeding your children does not count.

How about writing on one topic for 31 days straight? Just one topic? This year I’m joining in on the 31 Day Writing Challenge. One of my favorite bloggers, The Nester, began this challenge 6 years ago. I attempted this challenge once before and didn’t get very far. This year I’m excited to try again and write on one topic for 31 days.

I learned a few things from my first attempt as I set myself up for success this time around.

1. I picked a topic I was passionate  about. Often times, in a challenge like this, deciding on the topic is the hardest part. This means I’ve been thinking about it for awhile and brainstorming ideas for posts. I figured if I could only come up with a handful of ideas for blog posts, that topic would not be good for this challenge.

Did I mention 31 Days on the same topic???

31 Days Button

My topic is about finding My Best Yes.  With so many distractions and opportunities pulling us in  every direction, we can find ourselves living a spent life rather than a well spent life. Sometimes, it’s good to say no. Sometimes, saying no enables to say yes to what is truly important. My series will be about those little, everyday opportunities as well as the big life changing chances to give our best yes.

2. I wrote some posts ahead of time. Just a few. I had grand ideas of writing more; but real life quickly reminded me of how things roll at our house. On some days, it’s like Thunderdome around here. While I wrote some posts ahead of time,  I want to challenge myself to write every single day in October.  I am really wanting to discipline myself to write more regularly. I want the posts to reflect how God is working in my life in real time. So, while it’s helpful and wise (See #2 and imagine Thunderdome.) to write some posts ahead of time, most will be written in October.

3. I cleared my schedule……. as much as a homeschooling, mother of two, wife to a cop, Netflix binging woman is able to. As much as I’d like to chuck all my responsibilties for the month, I can’t. I still have to feed and bathe the children, walk the dog, have clean clothes (even if they pile up in the laundry basket) and have some meaningful, coherent conversations with The Hubs. But just for this month, I cut some things out of the ol’ schedule  so I would actually have time to write.

4. To round things up and prepare as best I can, I let The Hubs know how important this challenge is to me, so he can help. This is not a one man show here. He’s very helpful as it is; but I didn’t want him to think I was just checking out and stage an intervention about my addition to the screen. And on occasion when he comes home and the house looks like Thunderdome, he’ll know why:)

All that being said, I want the challenge to be fun. I want to enjoy the process and the journey. It is a challenge, though. It is supposed to be a stretch and perhaps sometimes difficult.

Life happens. I’ll do my darndest to post every day and I hope you join me on this writing adventure starting October 1st.




I’ll be updating this list daily.

Day 1: The Full Plate

Day 2: What is My Best Yes?

Day 3:  Making a List and Checking it Twice

Day 4: My Quiet Time

Day 5: The iPhone Time Bandit

Day 6: The Facebook Time Bandit

Day 7: Do What You Love

Day 8: My Thursday Gift To Me

Day 9: Be Present

Day 10: A Really Good Book

Day 11: Rest

Day 12: Time Bandit Update

Day 13: When It’s Super Hard To Be Thankful

Day 14: What We Are Reading This Month

Day 15: Here’s To Not Giving Up! And a Special Giveaway!

Day 16: Creating Space for Relationships

Day 17: The Unexpected Day

Day 18: Just Do One Thing Today

Day 19: A Tale of Two Sisters

Day 20: A Mother’s Guilt

Day 21: Those Perfect Little Moments

Day 22: Simple Acts of Kindness

Day 23: Was Doing This Challenge Really My Best Yes???

Day 24: A Reality Check

Day 25: Man’s Great End

Day 26: Our Family’s Best Yes

Day 27: Why Book Club Rocks!

Day 28:

Day 29:

Day 30:

Day 31:


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