31 Days of My Best Yes:: Day 2 What is My Best Yes?

I’m a list maker. Big time. I have lists for just about everything.

I like to set goals. I have goals for my day and goals for the week. These all stem from the goals I make at the beginning of each month.

These lists are well and good if…….. I actually accomplish what’s on them.

And this, friends, is my struggle. At the end of my month or week or day even, I often wonder why I’ve been so busy but have checked so little off my list? I do a lot. I’m not lazy.

The urgency of the now gets me off track, though.

By letting other tasks and distractions squirm their way on my to-do list, I’m left feeling like I haven’t accomplished a thing. I realized I’d missed the whole point completely. It wasn’t that I wasn’t doing enough. It was that I wasn’t doing what was most important.

I was placing the wrong items at the top of my priority list.


The urgency of the now is kind of par for the course when you are a mom. I realize that. I just don’t want it to be my daily habit or my life mantra.

How do I get myself into the pickle of being stretched too thin? Of saying yes, when I really want to scream no!!!

Praying over what the priorities in my life should be is step one for me. Staying focused on those priorities is step two. Putting on my big girl pants and determining to be strong and courageous and stick to those priorities is step three. Yup, it takes courage to say no.

Priorities change because the seasons in our lives change. When I had babies I was very limited to what I could say yes to. I had a human being depending on me to eat every 3-4 hours! As they got older I had other limitations, nap time for instance. My kids are getting a little bit older; but I now have other things to take into consideration. They are still very young and need me a lot.

This month I’m focused. As I said yesterday. I can’t do everything. I shouldn’t do everything. So with prayer and sincere soul searching I asked myself What is My Best Yes for this season of my life and specifically this month as I take part in this writing challenge? What has God laid on my heart to be a priority for me and my family right now? This is what He gave me.

1.) Quality, Undistracted, time with The Hubs and Kids

2.) Church:: Personal Devotion Time:: Prayer Time

3.) Time with my Sister (who just moved back to town)

4.) Homeschooling my Kiddos

5.) Writing (specifically for this 31 Day Challenge)

6.) Getting my house in order!:: Finishing up my Household Binder:: Making a new cleaning schedule and sticking to it!:: Finishing up some small house projects

7.) Taking care of me by exercising:: Walking the Dog.

Some of these priorities are at the top of my list all the time; but can be pushed down to the bottom when I say yes to things I shouldn’t.

Here’s the deal. If something comes up, a request or opportunity, but it doesn’t line up with my best yesses, I don’t do it. This is my plan and I’m sticking to it!!

I know life doesn’t always fall in line with our set parameters. Sometimes, the urgent is the most important and it is my best yes. My goal is bring the requests and opportunities before the Lord and ask for wisdom before I give my yes or no.

Here goes! My month of Best Yesses. I hope to share along the way with anyone reading what my best yesses are and help you to find yours.

What is the priority list for the season of life that you are in? I’d love to hear about it.


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