31 Days to My Best Yes:: Day 4 My Quiet Time

Isn’t this everyone’s Best Yes? Having a relationship with Jesus, a real and deep one. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Knowing Him and knowing about Him brings me peace and clarity in the craziness of this life. It gives me wisdom and joy.

That’s why my quiet time with God is so important. And when I miss that time with Him, I really miss it!

I absolutely have fallen in love with this book Valley of Vision. Reading the reflections and prayers of these Puritan believers make my prayer life look as shallow as a kiddie pool. But instead of feeling defeated, I feel uplifted and convicted every time I read this book. It’s a good thing.


Today is Sunday. Whether you go to church on Sunday, Saturday night or maybe not at all, it’s always a good time to talk to God and read His Word. Valley of Vision isn’t the Bible; but reading it points me to Christ and sets my mind on things that are true and right.

Happy Sunday!




This is the fourth post in my 31 Days Writing Challenge. If you missed any of my other posts in the 31 Days of Writing challenge. Check them out here.

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