31 Days of My Best Yes:: Day 5 The iPhone Time Bandit

My phone. It’s pretty much attached to me, like an appendage.

I’m  a texter. That’s how I communicate with people. It’s so easy and fast. I love instagram and facebook, etc. and have it all on my phone. With just one tap of my index finger I’m instantly connected. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. Can it be a bad thing or a “not the best” thing? Most definitely yes.

Lately I’ve been evaluating why I have the feeling of doing and doing and never getting things done. Like a hamster on a wheel, I’m peddling but going nowhere. In my first post in this series I talked about that frustration.

I have the same hours as everyone else. What am I wasting them on?

Sometimes, your best yes is not deciding between good and bad. It’s deciding

between good and  best.

I have responsibilities, passions, and goals like everybody else. I have the desire to accomplish them. So I have begun identifying some of the time bandits in my life that are stealing my precious hours and minutes.

time bandit:: Someone (or thing) renowned or reliable for stealing all your time.   `(Urban Dictionary)

It may seem like a small thing; but I’m coming to realize that all the phone checking (Did this person respond to my email or text? How many people liked my Instagram post? Yada, yada, yada….) is wasting  some serious minutes.


Hold on, this is going to hurt because I’m scaling back and doing a little detox this week. While I don’t think my phone and all it’s convenience is bad, I do think I spend too much time on it. While I write in October I’ll be spending less time checking my phone. That is definitely a Best Yes decision for me right now. Honestly, this is Best Yes decision for always!

I do need to be realistic. I have no intention of going off the grid. Because in reality emails and facebook and texts are how we communicate today with teachers, babysitters, etc. Sometimes, I need to check those things when I’m not at home. My phone is so useful for other things as well. How would I find The Hubs when we split up at Target?  If I didn’t use the google maps on my phone I’d still be driving around searching for the salon I took the kids to for a haircut last week. And let’s not forget my Starbucks App.

So, I’ve set up some boundaries for myself because my personality likes to push the envelope. I also need to write things down because I’m visual and forgetful!

1.) I’m not going to check my phone first thing in the morning like I usually do.

2.) I’m going to check my emails and Face Book when I sit down at the computer, instead of on my phone. It’s more inconvenient for me to do this on my computer than my phone.

3.) When I find myself feeling “bored” I will slap my hand as it reaches for my phone.

4.) My phone will reside at it’s charging station when we are at home, not in my pocket or within arm’s reach, especially while I’m doing school with the kids and we are playing together.

I don’t want my kid’s memories to be, “Remember when mommy watched me play cars and then took a picture of me playing cars and then posted it to facebook ? And then waited to see how many likes it got?” Yup, I’m guilty.

I’m looking for time sucking bandits in my life this week. Less minutes wasted. More minutes doing the real important things.


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