31 Days to My Best Yes:: Day 6 The Facebook Time Bandit

This is not, I repeat not, an anti-Facebook post. I actually really like Facebook. I know people think we as a society have replaced real face to face conversations with social media. I suppose that is true in some cases. But I love how Facebook keeps you connected with people who live far away or that nursing mama who just can’t get out of the house right now.

If you know me, you know I can talk your ear off. So Facebook has not impeded my ability to have real life, face to face convos with my friends. It has however become a huge time bandit.


It goes a little something like this. I sit down at the end of a long and tiring day. I just want to relax for a “few minutes”. I’ll check the ol’ Facebook.  Click.

So and So got a new hair cut! Cute. Click the like button.

Scroll down the page. 5, 10 minutes just seep away.

What? An article about 10 Celebrities Who Let Themselves Go and Look So Horrible They Are Today Unrecognizable! Yes, please. Click.

10 Pictures You Won’t Believe When You See. Hmmm……I’ve gotta check this out. Click.

Then after 10 minutes of bawling while watching emotional wedding videos or birth story videos, I dry my eyes and mosey on back to my Facebook feed.

As my eyelids droops, I pry my tired, lifeless hands from the keyboard and drag my keester to bed. All that time wasted and for what? What is really worth it to go to bed later than I wanted or to not get to that project that’s been sitting unfinished on my dining room table.

Facebook isn’t bad; It’s just a time sucker. Did I really need to read another article to confirm what I already know….. The Kardashians are the worst family ever!

Did you read my post yesterday? If you didn’t, go read it real quick here.

Okay, so you know the first Time Bandit I identified was my phone. The second is my number one source for current events (sad, I know), Facebook.

Like yesterday, I’m setting some boundaries.

1.) Since my phone is staying on the charging dock during the day, that will help deter me from checking FB so often.

2.) There will be no computer/Facebook checking until my quiet time is done in the morning, my must-do morning jobs are done and we are done with school for the day.

3.) Pick one time a day to check Facebook.

I won’t lie. Number #3 is going to be hard. Here goes to a week less distracted and more focused on the important things.

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