31 Days To My Best Yes:: Day 7 Do What You Love

Can I just say this writing challenge has been just what I needed.  This will mark 7 consecutive  days that I’ve posted on my blog and I’ve never done that before.

I’m realizing that I’m about a fourth of the way through the challenge and I can actually see myself being successful. I’m also realizing that not every post can be deep and lengthy and full of pictures. That’s okay, though. Some of these posts will be short and sweet, like today’s.

Here is what I’m so excited about. This challenge is getting me into the habit of writing every day. Every day! It doesn’t mean I will post what I’ve written every day; but every day I am writing and building those muscles. I’m forming a habit which I’ve been desiring for quite some time.


It has just confirmed a simple fact. I love to write. I love the process. I’m not always happy with the results; but that’s okay, too. Writing can be frustrating especially when the words that are on the tip of your tongue or on the tip of those fingers tapping the keyboard just don’t translate in written form.

The more I keep at it, the more the words come, the easier they flow. I’m starting to get into a rhythm.

Even if many people don’t read my words, I’m enjoying writing them. (I’m also enjoying discovering new blogs and new writers this month through this challenge.) That is what this challenge is doing for me. If more people discover this little blog, then that will also be a dream come true.

Doing what you love isn’t always easy. It takes trial and error. It takes patience and determination. It takes practice. In my situation, it takes many, many rewrites sometimes to get it just right.

I’m seeing other areas in my life that can benefit from the determination and perseverence I’m practicing here on the blog.

Right now, my Best Yes is to keep at it. To write every day and see what God brings from these rambling thoughts of mine.





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