31 Days To My Best Yes:: Day 9 Be Present

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I love a good to-do list; but I can get into the trap of being focused on “the next thing” and missed what’s right in front of me. This weekend I’m challenging myself to just be present. I’m trying to put those pesky time bandits in their place, quiet the distractions and see the Best Yesses that are all around me.

Here’s some of my Best Yes activities this past week:

It’s soccer games and watching my Lulu run in that cute uniform of hers. It’s watching her grow  and learn to do something new and out of her comfort zone.

It’s sitting on the couch and listening to The Hubs talk about his night at work and what happened on his shift.

It’s even vacuuming up the dog hair for the 4th time this week because our not so little German Shepherd puppy sheds like a beast! (They told me shepherds shed; but I just didn’t believe it!)IMG_0082

It’s taking time to talk to a friend who needs to vent, who just needs someone to listen.

It’s  getting to bed later because I stayed up and listened to a little girl who is all excited about the bookclub campout sleepover she is planning for her friends. So many ideas just bubbling out and she desperately wants her mama to listen and be excited with her.

It’s singing “just one more song” to little H at bedtime, one more kiss, more hug.

The to-do list keeps me focused; but sometimes the lists needs to be chucked. Or the things on the list need to be forwarded to another day.


I can’t forget to just be present. To just be. Somethings are so important and they can’t be checked off a list.

Happy Weekend!



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