31 Days To My Best Yes:: Day 13 When It’s Super Hard To Be Thankful


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It stared at me and almost seem to yell out, “Be Thankful!”

It was an inanimate object, a paper banner with the words “Be Thankful”, to be exact. There is was smugly hanging from our mantle just daring me to make the right choice.

As soon as the words spilled out and my, “I can’t believe you dropped the ball on this.” look took over my face, I knew I had given in to my bad attitude.

What could have gotten my panties in such a bunch? A little backstory first.

We are a LEO family. That’s Law Enforcement Officer Family. That’s fancy talk for I’m married to a cop.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here on the blog before. If I have, I don’t do it very often. I can think of very few things that my husband could do for a living that would make me more proud. He’s only been a police officer for two short years; but he’s been working in the law enforcement community for several years now.

I won’t go into all the ins and outs of being married to a cop. That is definitely another post for another time. Let’s just say his time is not his own. While The Hubs would never put his work before his family, to a certain degree and on some occasions, work must come first. It’s the nature of the job and you know that going in.

Again, this isn’t a post about being married to a police officer; but this job has changed our lives in many ways. It has stretched me in the area of patience tremendously.

As wonderful as his job is; it can be very frustrating. His schedule. Ugh! Don’t even get me started.

Let’s just say the source of our heated discussion  was part miscommunication, part just the  unavoidable busyness of his job,  and part the busyness of my life with the kids.

Long story short, I had made an appointment that I really needed to go to and he had to work. It was overtime and it wasn’t marked on our calendar. I had made the appointment because I knew he would be home to watch the kids. But he wasn’t going to be home. This was not a kid friendly appointment.

Let’s just jump ahead to the part where #1 My sweet Hubs has been working a lot lately. More than usual. #2 He’s so tired and rightly so. #3 We used to be really good about putting the overtime on the whiteboard in the kitchen. #4 We’ve both become lazy about it. #5 He’s allowed to make mistakes.

And as for me #1 I’m a pretty patient wifey and I’m aloud to make mistakes, too. #2 This double booking had been happening a lot lately and I was just getting frustrated. #3 Even though I know him working overtime is part of the deal, it’s just  not easy sometimes.

I had two options as we stood in front of the whiteboard “discussing” our dilemma .

Option #1 Be calm, express your frustration in a loving way, knowing he doesn’t  enjoy being gone from home a lot either. or Option #2 Put your sassy pants on and let him have it.  

It wasn’t so much that I got upset, it’s that I took a minute to stop and  weigh my options……….and then I put on my sassy pants and let him have it!

After a few minutes of fuming. Real attractive, I know. I walked to the shelf to put some dishes away and walked past that annoying sign that I had hung on the mantle myself.


Not a suggestion, not a nice thought, not a last resort; but a command. Be thankful.

Be thankful he has a job. Be thankful it’s a good job. Be thankful that he loves going to work each day. Be thankful I can stay home with the kids each day (And yes, I am thankful to be home with my kids all day, every day.). Be thankful that the problem is too many hours of work instead of not enough hours of work. Just. Be. Thankful.

Because being thankful is most definitely  a choice. And yes, people have it far worse than me. This is what I would categorize as an inconvenience, not a problem. But even if that weren’t true, it’s still my choice to be thankful or not.

I pouted for a bit and then put my big girl pants on and decided to change my attitude. I also bought him a huge peanut butter cookie  for when he wakes up because yes, he has to work an extra shift tonight.

Proverbs 13:3 Those who guard their lips preserve their lives,

    but those who speak rashly will come to ruin.

It is always a Best Yes for me to speak in love and to show grace, to turn a frustrated heart into a thankful heart.

*I actually wrote this post yesterday and tonight The Hubs is home, finally!



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