31 Days To My Best Yes:: Day 17 The Unexpected Day


I had a list of subjects on my schedule to get through with the kiddos that day. But, The Hubs had the day off that day. The whole day. It was Wednesday, a school day. This didn’t fit into my plans. We don’t have a normal schedule with The Hubs’ job, though. So this day was like most people’s Saturdays.


So the kids had a donut date with their dad. We read a really cool picture book Ten Little Caterpillars about counting and caterpillars and chrysallis’ and butterflies. Little H went to the store and ran errands with his dad (as little boys should). Lulu and I played a spelling game and drank hot tea.

I chucked most of what I had planned that day. We did a few subjects and enjoyed taking our time. And then we made applesauce.


Homemade applesauce is the bomb! It’s like eating straight up pie filling. Warm and fresh from the dutch oven. Lily and I were in heaven. She read the recipe herself and measured out the ingredients. Reading, Math and eating. Win-Win-Win!

We didn’t do much school that day; but what we did, we did well. H came home with leftovers from his lunch date with daddy at Chick-fil-a. Lily and I ate applesauce. It was such a great day. An unexpected and wonderful, quiet sort of day. My days can’t always be slow and easy like this one. I’ll take them when they come, though.


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