31 Days To My Best Yes:: Day 23 Was Doing This Challenge Really My Best Yes???

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If you happen to be another fellow 31Dayer, I know you are laughing with me right now. I”m rounding third base here. I’m almost to the home stretch so I do not have any intention of giving up. But my brain is on overload and it feels a bit mushy of there right now.

I know some of the other writers in this challenge have expressed running out of ideas. While I seem to have the ideas, I’ve come to a point where I just don’t seem to have the words to express those ideas. I’m. Just. Tired. Plain and simple.

I went from posting and writing maybe once a week to writing every single day for the past 23 (plus) days. I’ve also posted every day for the past 24 days. I posted that same number of posts over the last 6 months!

It’s like going from taking a leisurely walk through the park to running a marathon. It’s a little shocking to one’s body!

So I’m granting myself grace here. I’m blogging about not knowing what to blog about! I’m still writing, though. That is what’s most important. Though I’ve had to put some other things in my life on the back burner this month, I’m convinced this challenge really is the Best Yes for me right now.

Maybe your goal isn’t to write for 31 days straight on the same topic. Whatever your goal is, push through the hard parts, the awkward lulls and over the bumps. It will be worth it!



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