31 Days To My Best Yes:: Day 24 A Reality Check

These October days are slipping through my fingers and I fear I haven’t accomplished many of the things I had on my to-do list. Halloween is around the corner and I need to make a fox costume for Lil and someone (not me) needs to make a Lightening McQueen costume for H.

One of the goals for this 31 Days writing series was for me to stay on track with my goals. I determined what my Best Yesses would be and kept that list at the forefront so I wouldn’t get sidetracked. I get sidetracked easily.

I learned two very important things this month as I recently went over my Best Yes List:

1.) Being Realistic is so important.

2.) The best laid plans are just that, plans. They aren’t set in stone. We try our best and do what we can.

Let’s review, shall we? And you’ll see what I mean. Here were my Best Yesses for October:

1.) Quality, Undistracted, time with The Hubs and Kids

2.) Church:: Personal Devotion Time:: Prayer Time

3.) Time with my Sister (who just moved back to town)

4.) Homeschooling my Kiddos

5.) Writing (specifically for this 31 Day Challenge)

6.) Getting my house in order!:: Finishing up my Household Binder:: Making a new cleaning schedule and sticking to it!:: Finishing up some small house projects

7.) Taking care of me by exercising:: Walking the Dog.

All right, complete honesty here. I’m not doing any of a these things (besides #5) as well as I envisioned or probably should be doing (because of #5). And that’s okay, for a few weeks.

I’m not ignoring my children, haven’t quit going to church and my house is not a complete disaster, yet. With such a huge goal as writing and posting everyday, in reality, I shouldn’t have had any other big goals.

Reality check and lesson learned.

I think one way to not get discouraged when setting goals and trying to reach them is to start by being realistic. Shoot for the stars by all means; but have a true perspective of what kind of time and effort you can invest in your goals.

#6 Just makes me laugh, by the way. I just mopped my floor and well….. if I wanted to be really transparent, I’d post a picture. But I won’t!


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