31 Days To My Best Yes:: Day 27 Why Book Club Rocks!

Once a month, I do something just for me and it’s amazing. It’s the highlight of my month. It’s my Me Time. It’s my girl’s night out. It’s Book Club.

Yup, I read just for the fun of it and then talk about it for hours with other women. Ok, we don’t talk about the book the whole time. Not even half the time. We do talk about it, though.

Three years ago, my friend Rachael and I, decided to start this book club. It was something I’ve always wanted to do, being a book nerd and all. I just never thought anyone else would be interested.

We put it out there and I sent an email to friends and people I thought might be into it. We started with 5 girls and it was glorious. It was  how I imagined book club to be. We had dinner and we discussed , what is to this day, one of my favorite books, Cutting For Stone. Then we talked and got to know each other. We all had young kids and very much needed this time with other women. For me (and I think I can speak for them), I wanted to talk intelligently about a book that wasn’t about being a mom,  a wife or a hungry little caterpillar .

I wanted to talk about literature and plots and characters I loved (and sometimes loathed). Remember Serena, girls? I don’t think any of us liked her.  Not only did I get that, I got the opportunity to share in these other women’s lives. We have such different personalities in our group, that is now 10 ladies, and we just fit together. They are my little book club family and I just love them. When the group started, we weren’t all mamas. That has recently changed. So, we do have babies join us and we don’t mind one single bit.

The only downside is that my co-founder, Rachael, moved away with her sweet family not long after book club started. That has always made me a little sad. I’m so glad she wanted to start this adventure with me, though. Thank you, Rachael.

I may wait until three days before book club to read my book and therefore, ignore my family for a day or two each month. I may even, every once in awhile, skip ahead to see how the story ends. (The girls give me a hard time for that one.) But unless someone is dying or has lost a limb, nothing keeps me from book club. My family know this and make it work for me.


Of course the night I take a picture, half the girls were out of town. This is just half of us.

I’m so thankful for this unexpected blessing in my life, three years running. I’ve read wonderful books, some I would have never picked up on my own. I’ve laughed so hard. We have at least one inside joke each time we meet. (Anyone made their magnet out of their children’s baby teeth yet?) Mostly, I’ve been blessed with some pretty amazing friends.

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own book club, I have a “How To Start Your Very Own Book Club” post in the works. I’ll be posting that in the near future.

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