Hello November!:: What’s New On The Blog


Well, Hello November! I did a few fun calculations over the weekend.

There are 24 more days until Thanksgiving and 53 more days until Christmas.

I’ve been listening to Christmas music for three whole days and have 59 days left to listen. I listen to Christmas music for a week after Christmas is over. It helps with the decompressing.

There are 27 more days to Advent.

Counting today there are 8 more Mondays until Christmas.

There are 7 weekends to shop. (Or stay at home, like me, and just shop on-line.)

I have about 15 Christmas movies to watch.

I just finished a big series on the blog, 31 Days To My Best Yes. I wrote and posted for 31 days straight! If you’d like to read those posts you can do that by clicking here. My brain is a little mushy after that challenge, so I’m taking things a little easy this week on the blog and letting myself recover.

In my last post in the series, I shared all the good that came out of the writing challenge. One of those good things was all the fresh ideas that resulted from all that writing! I have some neat posts to share with you in the future and some new things I want to do on the blog. I hope you visit back and check  things out.

I also have a very mini (not 31 Days!) series lined up for November called Wordless Wednesday. Each Wednesday for the month of November I will be sharing pictures of what I am grateful for. My goal is to be present and to look for the obvious and not so obvious opportunities in my life to be grateful and share them through pictures and only pictures.

Happy November!



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