Monthly Goal Setting:: November

NovGoals2015This is a new monthly feature on the blog and I’m excited to start sharing some personal goals with you. Ok, I’m a little nervous, too! This is basically an accountability tool for me. I find, though, that when I read other people’s goals it inspires me to make my own and stick to them. So maybe it will inspire you, too.

My goal is to share these at the beginning of each month and then do an update at the end of the month. I strive to be honest. If I completely fail or flake, I’ll tell you. If I had to change direction mid-month, I’ll tell you about that too.

He, who every morning plans the transactions of the day, and follows that plan,

carries a thread that will guide him through a labyrinth of the most busy life.

~ Victor Hugo


Each month, I will also share a tip or practice that I use when setting goals and sticking to them. This is an area I desperately want to improve in and when I find ways to improve or practices that work for me, I’ll share with you.



I’m a paper and pen kinda gal and I have to physically write things down. I love my new erin condren planner. This is the first time I’ve used one because they are kinda of pricey.  I’ve always just used a planner from Target. Maybe you like to use Google Calendar like The Hubs. Paper planners work best for me. Seeing my goals throughout the day, keep me focused.

So, I broke my goals down into categories. It just helped me sort my thoughts a bit better. This is my guinea pig list, so things may change. My goals aren’t terribly ambitions this month. With the holidays and all the construction (laying floors and painting) and chaos (All of our kitchen and dining room furniture was in the middle of our livingroom just a couple of days ago.) going on at my house, I’m trying to be realistic.

Books To Read:: I really want to finish a parenting book I was reading awhile back, Don’t Make Me Count To Three. This month my book club is reading The Dressmaker.  So that’s next on my list. With how busy November is, I think that’s all the reading I’m going to get done.

My Marriage:: A real date night. One where I curl my hair and put on some lipstick and we have to get a sitter (or maybe the grandparents). We are long overdue for one of these.

My House:: This one is simple. I just want to put my house back together! We’ve had dishes in our garage for the past week while our floors were being laid. Things just got haphazardly stuffed in random places. Our school desk looks like….. well, let’s just say I can’t see the desk underneath all the papers and books. We are hot mess here! We then decided at the last minute to paint. Yup, craziness!

Also, I want to begin decluttering my kid’s toys and closets. We’ve out grown things and soon there will be new toys coming into the house. I feel like their rooms are bursting at the seams.

Jen :: Get back into a routine. I’m feeling out of sorts and it’s because I have no routine set. I know I need to be flexible with the holidays coming up; but I desperately need to get back to some normal.

Homeschool:: It all goes back to me. When I’m out of sorts, everything around the house seems to come undone, that includes homeschooling. We are not in a routine at the moment, so I just want to get back to our routine that did seem to work for us.

My Family:: Make Excercise a  priority. It’s getting a little chillier (finally!); but it’s great walking weather. With soccer and swimming over, I really need to schedule in regular exercise for the kids. I also want to walk Boomer more instead of just having Andy do it.

Being Intentional:: Being intentional by encouraging other women is something God has really put on my heart. My goal this month is to send two encouraging notes to friends. Handwritten with a stamp and everything!

There you have it! It’s out there. Now I have to stick to it.







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