How To Host A Fun and Simple Christmas Movie Night

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Like most parties I throw (or little get- togethers), I always make the mistake of looking on Pinterest first. I love Pinterest, seriously.  But  Pinterest tends to make me go overboard. I  spend way too much time getting ready for a fun time, exhaust myself, and then I end up not having as much fun.

Does anyone else do this?

There is something, though, that the Hubs and I do every year that is fun, simple and not expensive. We host a Christmas Movie Night.

The holidays can get busy and rushed. And really, we want to spend time with family and friends. A Christmas Movie Night is a very fun but stress free way to do just that.

Here are the 6 easy steps:

1.) Decide if this is a big shin-dig or just an intimate group – type of thing. My key word here is SIMPLE. So, we only invite a few couples. They are the same couples each year. If you want to go big, that’s fine; but that will just get more expensive and complicated. If you can, keep it kid free. I know this is not always possible; but consider it a little early Christmas present to each other to have a date night.

Now, invite your friends. There is no need for fancy invites or even an evite. We just text our friends. They know it’s coming sometime in December, so they are expecting it. If it’s your first movie night, I give you permission to send a cute little evite.

2.) Provide the drinks, the  paper goods, an app and maybe the dessert. Try these awesome bacon apps I make each year. They are as tasty as they are easy to make. (FYI: I usually use brown sugar instead of parmesan cheese. They are like bacon candy crack.) Everyone else brings something to share. Nothing fancy or even homemade is necessary though.

3.) Decide how the movie(s) will be picked. Will you do the picking because you are the  host? Will everyone vote ahead of time and the majority vote wins? We tell everyone to bring a couple of their favorites and we decide that night. There is no wrong way to do this. Just make sure you have more than one to choose from. If you need help coming up with movie selections, check out my post here.

4.) Now clean your house. By that, I mean just run the vacuum real quick. And since I have a four year old boy, I do everyone a favor and clean my bathroom. These are good friends and they’ve seen my  house on the best and worst days, so I don’t break my back to make it spotless. They don’t care.

If this is a largish gathering and maybe all the guests aren’t your bff’s, you might want to carve out some extra time to spruce up your house a bit more.

5.) Do make a fun movie trivia game (or some other fun silly game) to play in between movies (or before the movie if you are only watching one). No matter how much your husband rolls his eyes, he really loves compiling trivia questions. He really does; trust me. Most importantly, have an inexpensive prize for the winner. How else do you think I get my friends to play every year??

6.) Now sit back, relax, stuff your face and laugh with your friends – you cotton headed ninny muggins!



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