December Goals:: How To Create White Space During the Holidays


IMG_8237Hello there! And Happy December! It actually feels like winter here in NorCal. It’s been getting down to the 40’s and for us…… that’s cold.

Have you put up your Christmas decorations yet? My fall decorations are up all October and November. So, by Thanksgiving, I’m ready to pull out the Christmas bins from the garage. We always get our tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving and we spend the weekend decorating.

By the time we got home, put the tree up and took the down fall decor, I was already pooped out. That’s before the real decorating had even begun! So this year, I decided to only take out the things I really love. I just didn’t have the energy to pull out everything. That meant I tossed some things and put a few full boxes back in the garage. Guess what? My house feels festive; but uncluttered. I’m only looking at things I really enjoy. I was able to purchase a few new things because I had empty spaces to fill. I also just have some empty spaces and that’s okay! And here’s an added bonus – putting things away after Christmas will be much easier.

It’s a new month, a new holiday is around the corner and it’s time for some new goals. Speaking of empty spaces, one of my goals this month is to schedule some white space into my calendar. Before I get to that, let’s see how I did last month.  As I said in my very first goal setting post here, I’m going to be completely honest.

November goals:

1.) Books:: Finish a parenting book I was reading awhile back, Don’t Make Me Count To Three and last month’s book club book , The Dressmaker.

Ok, no on both books. I’m a little ADD when it comes to reading books. Another one catches my attention before I finish my current book. I usually finish my books; but I have several going at the same time. I’m totally a “Oooh, shiny bins!” personality. Now, I chose not to finish The Dressmaker. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. I did start reading a few other books, though.

2.)Marriage:: A real date night. One where I curl my hair and put on some lipstick and we have to get a sitter (or maybe the grandparents).

No! And this made me sad. We just didn’t have a free night or babysitters.

3.)House:: Simply, I just want to put my house back together! We’ve had dishes in our garage for the past week while our floors were being laid. Things just got haphazardly stuffed in random places. And…….Decluttering my kid’s toys and closets.

Yes! Praise the Lord, yes!!! My house is back to normal.

Lily’s room: Done! Henry’s room: Next on my hit list.

4.) Jen:: Get back into a routine. I’m feeling out of sorts and it’s because I have no routine set. I know I need to be flexible with the holidays coming up; but I desperately need to get back to some normal.

5.) Homeschool:: Get back to our routine.

So, I’m going to give myself a little grace here. We went on a trip. Then The Hubs left on a four day training trip immediately after we got home. Then two days later was Thanksgiving, which we hosted. This month has been anything but routine; but that’s been out of my control.

6.) My Family:: Make Excercise a  priority. I also want to walk Boomer more instead of just having Andy do it.

We are making some progress here. This is definitely going on my December goals.

7.) Being Intentional:: Send two encouraging notes to friends. Handwritten with a stamp and everything!

Yes! Goal complete.

Before I share my December goals I must share this month’s tip. This is what I’m keeping in the forefront of my mind during the holidays so things don’t get too chaotic (There is always some chaos around here.) and I don’t get overwhelmed.


What is White Space? The Merriam Webster Dictionary describes it as the areas of a page without print or pictures.

It means to have  Empty Space  or Unplanned Days.

 Less planning and more just being.

The holidays naturally can get jam packed with activities and before you know it Christmas has flown by in flurry of activity. And have  we really stopped to enjoy it and cherish the little moments that become special memories?

To combat this, my goal is simply to plan less, commit less and do the things that are really important to our family and not necessarily the things “we’ve always done”.

December Goals::

1.) Books To Read:: I am reading a Christmas picture book each day with the kiddos until Christmas. We are also trying out a new advent book this year, Jesse’s Tree. That’s it! Anything else I get to will just be an added bonus.

2.) My Marriage:: I am giving our date night another try. This is important even during the busy season.

3.) My House:: Next on my hit list- Decluttering  Henry’s clothes and toys. This kid has too many toys.

I have no house projects on my to-do list this month. We have some fun family and friend get -togethers planned and that’s what I’ll focus on.

4. ) Jen:: This is kind of a funny goal for me because I’m not much of a sewer; but I’m attempting to make a few Christmas gifts this year. One of these gifts is a pair of pajama pants in a cute fox pattern for Lulu. This is probably one of the easiest sewing projects ever but for me, it will take a lot of work and some luck thrown in. My goal is that they are wearable!

5.) Homeschool:: We are only doing school for half the month and my goal is to stick to a routine; but not as academic as I would normally have. I am focusing on our advent activities and a fun Christmas Around the World unit that will focus on history, geography, fun crafts and cooking.

6.) My Family:: Movie nights with popcorn and hot chocolate, quiet afternoons doing crafts, time with the grandparents and Aunts and Uncle that live in town, and other fun Christmas activities. I am intentionally planning some afternoons and days where we have no plans.

Getting the family up and moving-making exercise a priority.

7.) Being Intentional:: I have some mama friends of mine that need some extra encouragement right now. I’m planning an afternoon visit with them or maybe a coffee date. I also want to send out two more encouraging notes this month.

My Little H has been asking when Christmas is since October! Now I can finally say, “It’s this month.” Hopefully, this post encourages you to slow down and enjoy the season. And hey, just 22 more sleeps until Christmas!





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