Christmas, Carless and Quiet Time

I’ve been home for the past two days, without a car. The Hubs works at night and so I usually have the car during the day while he sleeps.

Yes, we live on one car! Can you imagine that?

He has training all week during the day. So, yes, I’m carless.

It’s been pretty nice actually. It’s been rainy and we’ve been doing what I like to call “cozy homeschooling”. We’ve been snuggling on the couch reading and doing Christmas crafts. We are doing school work; but we are snug in our jammies, listening to Christmas music and baking cookies while we do it.

This being “stuck” at home has helped me slow down in what is usually a very busy time. I realized it has been a blessing to not be able to go anywhere.

Because I haven’t been in a hurry to go anywhere I’ve had more quiet moments. I crave that quiet sometimes.

My mom is coming over tomorrow because I can’t go to her and she’s going to teach Lil how to make tortillas. I’ve been meaning to do this for so long. We always have “something” going on, though. Not this week.

Earlier this month I wrote about creating white space in my calendar during the month of December. I wasn’t even thinking about this week of training when I wrote that. What an unexpected blessing.

I realize how much I talk about my busy life and I wonder how much of that business is of my own making. It’s something I’m pondering these days.

We watched Elf tonight and I made myself  not do anything while I was watching. No folding laundry (which desperately needs to be done), no writing a to-do list for tomorrow, no checking my email, just cuddling and laughing.

I need to do that more often. I’m going to do that more often.



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