To My Husband on the Eve of The Star Wars, The Force Awakens, Premier

Dear Husband,

As I sit here in the recliner, checking my email and half watching Star Wars with you (really the first one; but technically the fourth one), I smile to myself as I hear you quote the movie word for word. And I mean, literally, word for word. It’s pretty cute.

As we’ve gotten closer to the new movie coming out, I’ve seen you allow yourself to get more excited and dare to hope that this won’t be another Phantom Menace debacle. You so badly want this movie to be epic and everything you’ve dreamed; but you’re afraid to get your hopes up too high only to have them dashed to pieces. I get it. Sort of.

You’ve likened this event to a new Anne of Green Gables movie coming out for me. (Yes, give me a Nerd Card. I will proudly claim it!) Though, I’m still grieving from the real life death of Jonathan Crombie. RIP Gilbert Blythe. You can’t comprehend my love for those books and those characters; but you never make fun of me for loving them so.

You’ve loved these movies since you were 5 years old. And while I am a Star Wars fan for sure, (Did I or did I not just buy a Darth Vader shirt??) I don’t have anywhere near the level of deep love and reverence for this story or these characters as you do. I don’t totally get it; but I love you. And I love that just the hope of “The Force Awakens” being everything you dream it might be “gives you goosebumps”. (And yup, I’m quoting you directly.)

I love it that you are 38 and this movie has you bordering on giddy. You are playing it cool on the outside; but I  know you. You are geeking out on the inside. This last week, you’ve been counting down the days, every day. “Jen, just 3 more days! Just 2 more days!” Again, adorable.

We have our paper tickets in hand. We have our babysitters. We have our plan of attack. Now, all we have to do is wait. Just 24 hours.

I watched Pentatonix sing their rendition of the Star Wars theme on You Tube today with the full orchestra coming in at the end. Babe, I got goosebumps! Turns out I’m getting excited about it, too.

Please, for the love of my sweet, adoring fan of a husband, don’t suck, The Force Awakens!! J.J. Abrahams, if my husband walks out of the theater tomorrow night with his head hung low and all his boyhood dreams dashed I may or may not have to end you.

Turns out my love for you has made me love this crazy movie franchise. And because of that love, I’m praying tomorrow’s screening is truly epic. If not, we will always have episodes 4-6 to hold on to and love.

And yes, watch the trailer for the 50th time. I won’t mock you.


Your Star Wars Loving Wife (Storm Trooper #1: Hey, have you seen the new BT16? Storm Trooper#2: Ya, some of the guys were telling me. It’s quite a thing to see.)



7 thoughts on “To My Husband on the Eve of The Star Wars, The Force Awakens, Premier

  1. I’m literally LOL! My husband and I do enjoy the Star Wars movies, but some people are just flat crazy!!! 🙂 I saw a couple on the news who had come here from Australia or somewhere to get married – and to see the star wars movie. They weren’t sure which was more important to them..the movie or the wedding. Seriously?!?!?!?! Crazy.


    • Yes, that is kinda crazy!!! I didn’t wear my wig (which is really my friend’s) to the movie. I’m not that bold!!LOL But there were a few people in costume at the theater tonight. Wearing a Star Wars t-shirt is as far as I’ll go. It was really good, though. Not disappointed:)

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